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My MBA Mentor Is Helping Me Launch A Career In Venture Capital

Connecting with a mentor during her MBA has helped Kate Yu take the first steps in her new career in venture capital


Fri Aug 28 2020


Once this analysis was complete, Kate would report her findings to her supervisor—an investment manager at the company. Overall, the internship has been a hugely positive experience. 

“Now I know more about what the typical day of a venture capitalist looks like,” she explains. “The experience confirmed that I really have a passion for the industry.”

Now a fresh MBA graduate, Kate is pursuing a career in venture capital full-time. She is currently in the process of attending job interviews, and weighing up different offers.

To other MBA candidates and students, she would definitely recommend connecting with a mentor. A few years down the road, she would also love to be a mentor herself.

“Learning in class is great, but it’s not enough,” she says. 

“As MBA students, we really need to get our hands dirty, and to get some practical experience—I think the mentorship program is a great complement to our class study.” 


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