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Artificial Intelligence Is Matching MBA Candidates With Business Schools

New technology is making it easier to apply to an MBA. But will artificial intelligence remove all the stress from the business school application process?

Wed Jan 27 2021

As an MBA candidate looking for the ideal business school, where do you start? Do you go to the US or Europe, Canada or Asia? Do you look at a global top-10 school, or further down the MBA rankings?

It can be confusing to narrow down your options. That's why some candidates are turning to artificial intelligence platforms, which use AI to help you work out which schools are in your GMAT score range, or which scholarships match your profile. 

Artificial Intelligence Tools for MBAs

Unimy, an Advent group affiliate, is using AI technology to match students with schools. 

Candidates fill in their applicant information before being presented with a whittled down list of relevant schools. Unimy use two tools—the ‘match’ tool, and the ‘fit’ tool—to analyze candidate data and compare their info with thousands of past candidate profiles. The ‘match’ tool creates a shortlist of relevant schools, with the ‘fit’ tool narrowing a candidate’s list.

That’s not to say AI does all the work here. The technology can’t make decisions for you—but if you are sincere in your answers, say Unimy, the results will be realistic.

Unimy program director, Kalin Yanev, emphasizes this further. “We wanted to create a platform that leads to informed choices, as opposed to one that simply informs.”

Libereka is another new platform supporting candidates with business school applications. The firm match candidates with schools using AI and blockchain technology. 

The matching is based on a candidate’s education background and study plans, before providing them with free preparation content and video courses, professional applicant support, and funding advice. 

One of Libereka’s missions targets the accessibility of business education. “It is our goal to make sure that all types of biases are removed for candidates to enable educational achievement and career development,” says Soumik Ganguly, Libereka’s CEO.

There is also a networking element; candidates can share their profile with their shortlisted schools and connect with them on Libereka’s platform. 

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How AI makes it easier to apply to business school

Unimy emphasize the need to help candidates make informed decisions, rather than simply informing them of where to go.

The outcome? A cultural map that goes through Unimy’s business school database and compares the universities that most closely match each candidate. From there, candidates are provided with a detailed picture of their own preferences. 

AI can be especially useful for candidates in the current climate, where we have seen a reduction in face-to-face networking opportunities and university open days. Candidates can use AI platforms like Unimy and Libereka to make informed decisions and connections that may otherwise be lacking right now. 

Libereka use a matching tool to identify degree type and study destinations for prospective candidates whilst also providing a streamlined application platform.

Admissions cycles can cause candidates a lot of stress. Libereka’s platform puts the entire application process in one place. With the use of blockchain technology, candidates can apply to multiple schools and scholarships from a single application hub. 

How AI helped candidates in 2020

The MBA Tour used AI in summer 2020 to create data-driven interactions between candidates and schools at MBA Tour virtual events. 

The integration of the MBA Tour with the Graduate Management Admission Council’s (GMAC) data science platform uses an advanced matching algorithm and GMAC data compiled through decades of candidate engagement and research. The data is overlaid with the specific needs of business schools and when integrated with school preferences, behavioral insights, demographics, and psychographics creates smarter and more effective discussions between business schools and candidates.  

It helps candidates match with schools and schools meet their recruiting requirements. 

“That mission doesn’t stop in a COVID-19 environment as the need to build a robust and diverse pipeline remains a critical issue facing business schools around the world, while candidates still have a need to connect and learn about the schools they’re considering,” says Petia Whitmore, former managing director of The MBA Tour and founder of admissions consulting firm My MBA Path.

Candidates are exposed to The MBA Tour’s matching algorithm and GMAC data to see which schools fit them best. The outcome is that students can attend relevant school events with The MBA Tour online and keep a tight focus on their options.


The business school marketplace is crowded. Artificial intelligence platforms like Libereka and Unimy can help you whittle down your business school options. And the hope is that by helping to match you to schools, AI can remove some of the stress from the application process and help lead to more successful and fulfilling business school applications.

That’s not to say, however, that AI can provide you with everything. As Unimy emphasize, the process is not about AI making decisions for you, rather helping make more informed decisions based off accurate personal data. 

You should still be looking at other ways to increase your chances of getting into business school.

The technology is there to help, but it’s up to you to make the final decision.


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