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Best MBA Admission Consultants For 2022

Hiring an admission consultant could help strengthen your business school application. Here’s the best MBA admission consultants for 2022 ranked by MBA Insight

By  Marco De Novellis

Sat Oct 16 2021

Stacy Blackman Consulting (SBC) is the best MBA admission consulting firm for candidates applying to top-tier business schools, according to MBA Insight.

Founded by Stacy Blackman, an MBA alum from Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, SBC admission consultants include former MBA admissions officers from top US and European business schools.

As applying to top business schools becomes increasingly competitive, hiring an admission consultant could help strengthen your MBA application and give you a better chance of securing a scholarship. 

MBA Insight’s list of the best MBA admission consultants for 2022 is based on reviews by students who rated consultants using a one-to-five star rating system.

SBC came top with the only five-star rating, followed by Admissionado in second, and Aringo and Personal MBA Coach, which ranked first in 2020, in joint third.

Other top-ranked MBA admission consultants include MBA Prep School, Essay Snark, and Accepted.

Is hiring an MBA admission consultant worth it?

Choosing the best MBA admission consultant for you involves considering factors like personal fit and cost. SBC’s hourly rate is $395, according to MBA Insight, with its all-in package starting at $4,850. 

Personal MBA Coach charges $480 per hour, the most expensive hourly rate, while the cheapest MBA admission consultant on the list is Aringo at $260 per hour.

One MBA student reviewer who used Stacy Blackman Consulting mentions how they got admitted into every school they applied to (Harvard, Stanford, Yale, and Berkeley Haas) with significant scholarship offers. SBC helped them craft and share their honest personal story.

Another student reviewer who got accepted into Kellogg had applied in previous years but was waitlisted. They used Admissionado, which boasts a 98% success rate, applied to nine schools and got offers from four of them.

While helpful, admission consultants are expensive and you should factor their cost when calculating the return on investment you can expect from your MBA.

Before you open your wallet or purse, ask yourself the question: Do you really need an MBA admission consultant? 

If you’re applying to top-ranked business schools with the toughest acceptance rates then the answer might be yes. 

However, many candidates successfully apply to business school without admission consultants, using free guides and resources to help them on their way.

List Of Best MBA Admission Consultants For 2022

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