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Here’s Why You Should Join A Global MBA In Europe

Global MBA programs could help you network with the likes of Deloitte, Louis Vuitton, and HSBC—here are some top reasons to join a global MBA in Europe


Wed May 31 2023

Global MBA programs are offered across the world so choosing which region to study for your degree can be tricky.

Many business school students look to Global MBA programs in Europe as a means of accessing a strong career network in the continent. 

Ambitious business school students with their eye on achieving the MBA ‘triple jump’—changing function, sector, and location—often look to international MBA programs as a first step to making this leap.  

Here are some top reasons to study for a Global MBA in Europe.

1. You’ll be within easy reach of top MBA recruitment markets

There are many different business schools to choose from across Europe, so how do you make the right decision?

France is a popular study destination for many business students since its location means the country benefits from strong business links with neighboring cities, such as London, Amsterdam, and Luxembourg. These are all reachable within just a few hours.

“In France, you’re positioned at the heart of western Europe, with access to large MBA recruitment markets in the region,” says Daphné Mathieu, Global MBA talent center manager at ESSEC Business School.

The one-year Global MBA at ESSEC Business School is based in the business district of Paris-La Défense.

Besides its central location in Europe, France is renowned for its digital transformation efforts and commitment to sustainability. 

Tying these two efforts together, the France 2030 initiative aims to supercharge France’s digital economy and strengthen sustainable development by 2030. 

ESSEC Business School is committed to these efforts, integrating corporate social responsibility learnings into many of its programs while continuing to focus on digitalization in business.

2. You’ll mix with a diverse cohort in a global MBA in Europe

If a global outlook is what you’re after when choosing an MBA program, look no further than Global MBA programs in Europe.

These MBA programs tend to be highly diverse. 

Daphné believes the ESSEC Global MBA program is global for three core reasons. Namely, the industries represented, the skill sets you’ll acquire, and nationalities making up the class.

ESSEC Global MBA students come from a range of industries, including engineering, marketing, entrepreneurship, and consulting. 

In the most recent ESSEC Global MBA cohort, there are 17 nationalities represented in a class of 42 students.

“Its geographical location is in France, but the entire experience will be global,” she says. 

There are 60,000 ESSEC alumni across the world, which will help you to develop a local network wherever you land.

The program is taught entirely in English so there’s no need to have mastered the French language to join the Global MBA. 

3. A Global MBA in Europe means harnessing the strength of European capitals

To launch a truly global career you’ll need to understand global business trends and the future issues facing companies.

The ESSEC Global MBA program involves exploring the tech scene in European hubs, learning about scaleups, and digital business trends. Courses include topics such as Digital Marketing and Innovation and Competitive Advantage.

The Digital Week Competition enables students to work in teams on a real-world project with a company, solving a case that could be based around digital transformation and global trends or even a global consulting case. 

4. You can network with multinational companies during a Global MBA in Europe

Students looking to forge important business connections in the global business space should consider a Global MBA program.

The ESSEC Global MBA facilitates several field trips. As part of the program, students take part in an internship in European markets or with a company that has a European or global presence in Singapore, which is a home to another ESSEC Business School campus.   

There’s also a job search component of the program where students spend time in London, Luxembourg, Amsterdam, and France to explore new markets and meet recruiters. 

Previous trips have allowed MBA students to meet with representatives at Deloitte, Uber, HSBC, Vodafone, and Louis Vuitton.

“Students are offered exposure to how these businesses work—you’re constantly exposed to global organizations,” Daphné says. 

5. You’ll gain the global know-how to launch an exciting career

Most students embark on a Global MBA as a way of accelerating their career. 

After graduation, 89% of ESSEC MBA alums change their job function, with 55% of alums changing country, according to an ESSEC Career Survey in 2020. 

“Companies today are looking for talent who understand the challenges of expanding globally,” says Daphné.

Some of the companies that ESSEC Global MBA grads have landed jobs at include Chanel, L’Oréal, EY, and Google. 

She explains that the ESSEC Global MBA helps students become adept at devising strategies to target and develop emerging markets.

As the business world continues to undergo rapid globalization, business school grads with an ability to advise on business matters that stretch beyond the domestic context are likely to be in high demand, Daphné concludes.

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