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5 Key Reasons To Pursue An In-Person MBA In 2024

Joining an in-person MBA means gaining immersive networking experiences and more—find out the top reasons to study for your MBA in the UK in a face-to-face setting

When it comes to studying for your MBA, there are a variety of formats to choose from. You might be at that stage where you’re questioning whether to study at business school in-person, online, or in a hybrid mode. 

While the most suitable mode of study is personal to you, there are several advantages that come alongside studying for your MBA in the UK in a face-to-face setting.

Here are five key reasons to choose an in-person MBA in 2024.

Meet top companies and explore new locations during an in-person MBA in the UK

While it’s true that no matter the mode of MBA degree, you’re going to rub shoulders with recruiters and top companies. Yet the experiences and exposure you’ll gain from meeting companies face-to-face, versus a virtual setting, has many advantages that you should consider.

The Full-time 12-month MBA at Lancaster University Management School, or the Lancaster MBA, offers students plenty of opportunities to meet top firms. 

To name but a few, Lancaster organizes collaborations with multinational companies such as Nissan and Rolls-Royce, providing MBA students with opportunities to connect with these firms. 

There are also visits to sites such as the National Computing Museum, business consulting events in London, and the neighboring Lake District, which is home to England’s largest National Park. 

Improve your leadership and teamwork skills 

MBA students are always excited to roll up their sleeves when it comes to practical projects. Luckily, the Lancaster MBA offers four action learning challenge courses to keep students on their toes.

These challenges revolve around entrepreneurship, consulting, business management, and a work-based corporate challenge.

In the Entrepreneurial Challenge, students work in small teams to create a business development plan for a new company. MBAs get involved in everything from market research to business financing. 

Meanwhile, in the Consultancy Challenge, students apply their learnings from their MBA classes to work as a team of consultants to navigate a problem, and provide a strategic solution, for an organization. 

Collaborating with MBA peers in these experiential settings is a great way to test out your leadership, management, and teamwork skills. 

The best part is that—unlike in the real business world—you have the freedom to try out different actions or take risks you usually wouldn’t. 

Experience campus and city life in a UK MBA

If you’re someone who likes to be immersed in a community, there’s no better place to get this experience than at business school.

Whether you want to grab coffee with a few classmates, pop into a faculty member’s office hour, or even access resources such as the university’s gym, studying for your MBA in-person versus online might be for you. 

Nestled on a 560-acre parkland site, Lancaster University is surrounded by an abundance of green space, woodlands, and its very own lake. 

The historical UK city of Lancaster is also worth an explore, with its affordability and friendly culture making it a great in-person MBA destination for parents.  

Network with your MBA peers

Business schools encourage networking outside the MBA classroom for many reasons. Mainly because it’s a good way to get to know your classmates in an informal setting, but it’s also an opportunity to boost your career.

Students can network during events such as the Lancaster MBA London Networking Event, meeting with MBAs and Executive MBAs (EMBA). 

The business school also hosts regular guest speaker sessions, inviting entrepreneurs and Leaders in Residence.  

For those with global business ambitions, Lancaster MBA boasts an international environment, with many of its faculty, alumni, and students coming from across the world.

Access to in-person career support

It can sometimes be the case that speaking to someone in-person is much easier than in an online format—especially when it comes to something as important as your career aspirations.

Students in the Lancaster MBA can gain coaching and guidance through the business school’s dedicated career service, helping you to discuss your career ambitions and set realistic goals to work towards. 


If you’re still undecided about which mode of MBA study is right for you, ask yourself: where will you feel most confident and what is the best fit for you? Try also reaching out to alumni from the program you’re interested in to get an informed view of what it’s like to study for an in-person MBA in the UK. 

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