With An Online MBA, This UK Entrepreneur Is Taking Her Business To The Next Level

Florence Britton is using the Online MBA at Birmingham Business School to redesign her home care business

Florence Britton founded her home care agency as a single parent in 2005. Over the past decade, she’s juggled work and family life, growing her business in the UK and overseas.

Now, she’s taking her business to the next level with Birmingham Business School’s Online MBA. Birmingham’s AMBA-accredited, 100%-online MBA gives Florence the flexibility to combine work and study, and apply her learnings on a daily basis while running her business.

Through the Online MBA’s fortnightly ‘live sessions’, Florence can network and shares ideas with tutors, lecturers, and groups of up to 25 fellow students in an immersive online learning environment. Since starting the program in 2016, she’s streamlined her business, developed a new marketing plan, and overhauled her business strategy.

Birmingham offers a pre-experience Online MSc International Business alongside the Online MBA. Across both programs, 63% of students are international with 86 nationalities represented. 47% of students are women.

With an MBA on board, Florence is preparing herself for post-Brexit Britain; building up the knowledge and the international network necessary for future success.

Why did you decide to pursue an MBA?

I want to acquire the latest management techniques and problem solving skills that I can use to run my company more effectively. An MBA gives me a chance to step back, get away from my daily routine, and view the world from a much wider perspective.

Why did you choose Birmingham’s Online MBA in particular?

Studying online gives me the benefit of developing my career without having to leave my responsibilities of managing my company. I contacted at least five different universities prior to my MBA. Birmingham were very supportive in terms of providing me with information and talking me through what I should expect.

Birmingham’s teaching staff are recognized around the world and have the expertise to best help me improve my business knowledge. The Online MBA’s live sessions give me the opportunity to learn, interact and get feedback from my tutors and other students.

How did the idea to start your own business come about?

I founded my home care company with the knowledge that every client receiving care is unique. I wanted to establish a company able to provide personalized care, emotional support and guidance. I also wanted a career that would give me the flexibility to work and look after my children as I was a single parent at the time.

What challenges do you face?

Brexit is a source of growing concern for companies like my own. Brexit will make it difficult to recruit nationals from the European Union, who are the backbone of the care industry.

How have you profited from your MBA experience so far?

Birmingham’s Online MBA has given me a chance to turbocharge my career and manage my company more efficiently and effectively.

For every module that I have studied, I have done something to improve my business. When we completed the strategy module, I redeveloped my company’s strategy. When we completed the marketing module, I redesigned the marketing plan for the business.

We have just completed the operations management module and, using the knowledge gained, I’m currently working to manage the service we provide more effectively.

Studying the MBA has helped me as a person as well. Through the live sessions, I’ve mixed with all sorts of different people that have already challenged my preconceptions of the world, and will help me to become a more rounded person.

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