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Which companies hire MBAs from MIP Politecnico Di Milano? What do they earn? Is the school right for you? Find out in our MBA jobs and salary review

MIP Politecnico di Milano Graduate School of Business, a business school set in the heart of Milan and home to an international MBA cohort geared towards launching careers in Europe—90% of MBAs land jobs in Europe post-graduation. 

The school was founded in 1979 and transformed into its current form in 1986 as a consortium between Politecnico di Milano, several Italian institutions, and public and private industrial groups. Today the school is a not-for-profit Consortium Limited Company.  

MIP is ranked as one of the best business schools in Europe by the Financial Times. MBA grads from the school earn on average $80,000 three years after graduating, a 58% increase on their pre-MBA salary. 

So, what kind of return can you expect from the MIP International MBA?* 

Companies hiring MIP MBAs 

The MIP International MBA has a broad company network from which students can gain valuable experience that aids their post-MBA careers. The Career Service facilitates connections between the school and companies that partake in project work, business planning, and seminars with the students. 

There are also in-class presentations and post-MBA recruitment activities. Some of MIP’s corporate partners include Amazon, EY, Ferrari, IBM, L’Oreal, Microsoft, and LVMH. 

Top recruiters of MIP MBAs are Accenture, Hilti, Microsoft, Amazon, and McKinsey. Graduates have also landed jobs at Philip Morris International, Toyota, Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Deloitte, and Nestle. 

MIP Class Profile

MIP: Popular MBA Jobs 

The MIP MBA gives students multiple specialization options, which contributes to MBAs entering an array of industries after graduating. Students can go down the Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Startup Development path; they can pursue a specialization in Luxury & Design Management; Digital Transformation & Big Data; and Sustainable & Global Management.  

Students also have access to FLEXA—a digital mentor that uses Microsoft’s artificial intelligence tools and the Azure cloud system to individualize each user’s educational path. FLEXA identifies the specific skills—hard, soft, and digital—which MBAs need to acquire in order to bridge the gap between their present skill set and what they need to achieve their desired career goal. 

Leading the way, 21% of students enter the digital, tech, or e-business sector after business school, followed by 17% of MBAs entering Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), and 16% consulting and professional services. 

12% enter luxury, fashion, or retail. 10% of MBAs from MIP move into the pharmaceutical, chemical, or cosmetics industry, and 8% start jobs in the manufacturing or automotive industry. The diversity of career outcomes continues, with 6% entering both the construction industry, and financial services, insurance, or real estate.  

2% of students launch careers in logistics, with the same percentage entering energy or utilities.  

Of the MBA class, 55% change job function, 63% change industry, and 63% change country. 

The most popular job function is supply chain, operations, or processing—27% of the class landed a job in this area. That’s followed by 23% starting jobs in marketing or sales; 16% in finance roles; 16% in strategy, planning, or business processes; and 6% in each of product development, research and development or engineering, and consulting.  

Beyond learning in the classroom, MIP has a careers team on standby to help students set and achieve their own professional goals, as well as offering support and advice when framing a CV and cover letter.  

MIP’s careers’ website provides students with free resources, such as information about up-to-date job market trends, top global employers, and working permits for international students looking to stay in Italy or to live and work elsewhere. 

The rise of entrepreneurs

MIP’s MBA grads don’t always look to work for big corporate companies. Thanks to the International MBA, many are able to go on and launch their own business ventures with great success.  

2011 Peruvian alum, Faviola Palomino, founded an online discount business called VIP Soul––which offers up to 70% discount across a plethora of brands–– and 2019 alum, Nicola Rodriguez, went on to launch a digital pathology software system called hiMED. 

Whatever direction you choose to go in after the MBA, MIP has a rich network of alumni, faculty, and businesses to support your career ambitions. Students can also access the services and network of POLIHUB (the Politecnico di Milano’s incubator) which has been ranked and in the top five incubators in the world by UBI Global.

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