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MBA Jobs: Strong Industry Connections Spark New Career Opportunities For Liverpool MBAs

Students on the Liverpool MBA are benefiting from some pretty game-changing corporate partnerships


By  Robert Klecha

Wed Jan 17 2018

For everyone applying to study an MBA, career progression is vital. Whether it’s starting fresh in a new industry or bringing a new concept to the market, applicants want to know that the business school they’re applying for will give them the skills and the industry connections necessary to achieve their goals.

At the UK’s University of Liverpool Management School, MBA students—aspiring entrepreneurs and career switchers alike—are tapping into long-standing corporate partnerships to take their professional lives forward.

Omar Khaled, a software developer from Egypt, found the chance to gain real world experience during The Liverpool MBA a defining moment for his career.

“I had several placements on the degree, but online retailer Shop Direct was the most important. I had an idea before joining the Liverpool MBA: I wanted to put game mechanics and concepts into businesses to increase employee engagement through gamification.

“As I was going through my MBA, I was building this concept and Professor Elaine Eades, the director of MBA programs, knew it was what I wanted to do. When an opportunity came up at Shop Direct to do this, the school were able to get me there.”

For Omar, this first-hand experience of the line of work he wanted to be in was invaluable. “I was able to try out my business idea and see what the feedback was. Fortunately, it was really positive,” he says.

“My original plan was to work for a couple of years after the MBA as a project manager and then start my own business, but through the MBA and the entrepreneurship courses, as well as the placements, I jumped ahead.

“The industry connections and experience gave me a three-year head start on my career plan.”

Omar has now established his own startup, Droovy, which is a gamification consultancy, something he doesn’t believe would have been possible without The Liverpool MBA.

“I knew nothing about entrepreneurship, I was a software developer and the business and marketing side of things was missing,” he explains.

“One of my main clients for Droovy even came through the MBA course. I was introduced to a speaker at one of our sessions from BOC, a leading gas company.

“They needed gamification and wanted me to work for them fulltime, but I offered my services through consultation, having confidence from the MBA that I could succeed as an entrepreneur.”

For Omar, the one-year MBA experience at the University of Liverpool Management School gave him the UK industry links he needed.


And it’s not just entrepreneurial opportunities that these links provide. Roberto Visconti, originally from Naples, completed a project with Suttons whilst studying for his MBA and now works for the supply chain solutions provider, full-time.

For Roberto, the school’s industry contacts and strong reputation paid dividends as his role was created especially for him.

“My role with Suttons only came about because of the alumni network. I met a major stakeholder at an event organized by the MBA and he got me the opportunity,” he says.

“Being an MBA from Liverpool, I had the confidence of the top management team.”

During his MBA, Roberto gained exposure to a variety of industries, combining his theoretical knowledge with practical experience as well.

“I was treasurer of the entrepreneurial club at the school and worked with local entrepreneurs. This was perfect for personal development. Through these experiences I got to see different sized businesses operating.

“The football industries MBA was also fascinating. I got to meet people on that course and saw that a lot of business challenges are similar across different industries,” he says.

Roberto initially moved back to Naples after his degree, but he realized that he missed life in Liverpool. When connections he made during his MBA gave him a chance to move back to the city, he grabbed at it with both hands.

“I never would have thought of moving from Italy if I hadn’t had studied at the University of Liverpool Management School. I fell in love with the city during my time there,” he says.

“When I got the call offering the job, I had to take it. It was a chance to live in Liverpool again. It was a good job and a challenging position. The whole experience has helped me grow.”

Keen to kick-start your career? The University of Liverpool Management School is hosting an MBA open evening on Thursday January 25th where interested applicants can meet with current MBA students and alumni, and hear more about the dedicated careers support provided to Liverpool MBAs.






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