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5 MBA Jobs Of The Future—And The Skills You'll Need To Succeed

MBA students best be ready for the future of work



Tue Jul 24 2018

In today’s fast-paced financial market, jobs are created and absorbed by the latest technology in the blink of an eye. To stay afloat, MBAs have to adapt quickly to industry-wide disruptions that have rendered many formerly ubiquitous positions obsolete.

But in place of these positions, several new roles have emerged that are becoming increasingly in-demand for today's MBAs.

"There is no doubt the world of work is changing as AI and machine learning continue to become more prominent,” writes Sheryle Dirks, associate dean for career management at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business.

Emerging business leaders are not only expected to work well with others, but with complex software systems too.

For MBAs looking to explore challenging career paths with room to grow, the following roles are likely to have an open seat at the table.

Here's five MBA jobs of the future, and the skills you'll need to succeed:

1. Financial App Development

Fintech, or financial technology, is a worldwide movement that encompasses...

technological innovations in financial markets. The most popular examples of fintech are payment apps or online banking, but cryptocurrency and big data also fall under the fintech umbrella.

Heather Byrne, managing director of the Career Development Office at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business, is witnessing this transformation first-hand.

“Tech and fintech will likely continue to be where we see newer roles appearing,” says Heather. “For that reason, it’s no surprise to see that more of our graduates are accepting jobs in those fields.

“More than half of the graduating class of 2017 accepted jobs in consulting or tech, and we believe that figure will be the same or slightly higher with the 2018 class.”

New financial apps target millennial populations, so there’s no one better to administrate and reform these technologies than those who understand the generation. This is why recruiters are turning to job candidates with backgrounds in computer science.

Even so, students enrolled in most MBA programs need not fret about eligibility if computer science isn’t in their wheelhouse.

“MBA programs can’t fabricate more computer science candidates, so we’re seeing integration of more elements of technology into the curriculum,” says Jenny Zenner, senior director of technology, entrepreneurship, digital, and consumer careers at the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business Career Development Center.

2. Blockchain Engineer

A quick job search will produce a generous amount of ads for blockchain engineers. Blockchain is a digital public record of transactions made in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies—consider blockchain engineering the nitty-gritty work of the decentralized exchange market.

“We’ve seen the largest hiring growth in the technology sector, including software, hardware, and services,” says Jenny. “Anyone joining the field or covering the sector in financial or consulting services needs an understanding of the products those companies provide, so candidates who are adept in technology architectures are in demand.”

Business schools are starting to cater to this demand: innovative MBA programs are creating specializations in the tech architecture field for working professionals. Darden, for example, recently launched its MBA/Master of Science in Data Science and Master of Science in Business Analytics degree.

From Jenny’s point of view, taking the time to develop these skills is a safe investment for the future: “In a world increasingly awash in data, the demand for skills to manipulate large data sets shows no sign of abating,” she says.

3. Healthcare Information Tech Consultant

If apps are meant to optimize human efficiency through AI, health can’t be excluded from the equation. According to Modern Healthcare, fitness monitoring apps could soon become one of the highest-grossing mobile health apps available.

“We anticipate more MBAs will look at roles at the intersection of health and technology as organizations learn to use data that informs better practices, patient outcomes and larger population health issues,” writes Sheryle from Duke.

4. HR Software Consultant

Forbes may have said it best: 'The 14-plus billion marketplace for HR software and platforms is reinventing itself'.

Modern HR Consultants are now using software to sustain a 'people-first' culture at competitive corporations, which requires dedicated training in HR systems.

Building a supportive work environment for employees has also become more important than ever as companies are increasingly tech-focused and everyday tasks require less human interaction.

5. CEO of a Venture Capital Firm



The popularity of venture capital firms isn’t exactly new, but MBA programs have found that it is still a promising field for graduates in these changing times.

Those looking to institute a start-up company in this sector should first invest in interpersonal skills: Heather Byrne at Michigan Ross notes that qualifications for business leaders don’t tend to fluctuate as fast as the markets.

“Instead of thinking about specific roles, I think it’s best to think about the common elements of being successful. These are traits that haven’t really changed over time,” she says.

"Whether you were working during the industrial revolution or in the tech boom, you need to be easy to work with, trustworthy, add value to an organization, and get things done.”

Student Reviews

Duke University Fuqua School of Business




On Campus

Supportive atmosphere

The professors at Duke university exhibit exceptional commitment to the success and well-being of their students by ensuring their academic growth and fostering a supportive social atmosphere. Moreover, the entire community is recognized for its amicability and inclusiveness.




On Campus


The people or the students are without a doubt Duke's greatest asset. While all students are driven to succeed, they are also enthusiastic about a variety of hobbies. You run across a huge lot of diversity. It is the ideal example of a school with well-rounded students and the ideal balance of campus life in a metropolis.




On Campus

Happy to school

All I could ever hope for is Duke University. That really epitomizes the "work hard, play hard" philosophy that elite colleges frequently pursue. Even though you'll have a lot of schooling to complete over the week, it's simple to keep focused because all of your friends are putting in similar amounts of effort. Many events taking place on and around campus on the weekends provide a great way to unwind. The combination of demanding academics and traditional college fun strikes the perfect balance.




On Campus

Good schooling

Living, eating, learning, and developing who you want to be as an adult are all fantastic at Duke. I participated in student athletics, and I couldn't have asked for a better interaction with the faculty and other students. I appreciate all of the help I get from the Duke community more than anything. Furthermore, the teachers take the time to get to know you, and the lectures are diverse and demanding (if you do the same). I'd give it a 10 out of 10.




On Campus

Beautiful School, Nice Classes

DU remains one the greatest and best universities that I have ever stepped in. The school is beautiful and neat. The classes are spacious and also very nice. I enjoyed attending my Lectures in those lecture halls. I also loved the Lecturers because of the good work they did. The university also has very good dorms that are given to students on first come first serve basis and they are affordable





Amazing experience

I received my B.S. in Biology and B.A. in Global Health with a minor in Chemistry from Duke University. I was able to grow as a student, scientist, and global health advocate with the help of my friends, professors, and other mentors I met along the way. A lot to learn if you look and ask, a great place to learn for those who want to learn.





whirlwind of growth and change

An amazing 2 years, with covid and everything else happening Duke has been a place of growth for me. The courses , classes were one of a kind, online and on campus. But the valuable lessons learned in the classes are irreplicable. The students are amazing here, so much diversity , I had no problem fitting in. The teachers are down right brilliant and so helpful. Don't be afraid to ask them anything. Graduated with my MBA with Duke and now my future awaits.




On Campus

One of the best for Business students

Graduated with an MBA. The classes were very insightful and engaging. The staff are very easy to deal with. The teachers and students, are truly amazing people. Grateful to all the people I've met along the way at Duke. I've learnt a great deal that will help me in my future endeavors. The campus itself is a marvel, it is beautiful.




On Campus

The university campus is awesome

I graduated with a masters degree in Religious Studies from Duke University. One thing I really liked about the university is its huge campus. It is spread in a large area with a lot of greenery and also have the facilities of reading rooms for single person also. My department building was very well taken care of. The library is immensely populated with books for all your needs. The faculty is very nice to students. The classes are equipped with latest technology to cater the needs of students. The University also provides room rentals for international students. They are very well maintained and priority is given to the International students for a comfortable stay there. There are weekly events conducted by the University as well as Student clubs for the entertainment of students. Anybody can take part in them and show their talents. I enjoyed my degree and I graduated in 2021 and was very happy that I had graduated from a reputed University.