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MBA Salaries Bounce Back After Coronavirus Uncertainty

MBA grads will still earn big bucks this year despite coronavirus uncertainty, according to the latest Corporate Recruiters Survey by the Graduate Management Admission Council

Mon Sep 28 2020


Confidence in MBA hires

Overall, employers continue to place a premium on graduate management education, and despite taking a dip, graduate salaries reflect this. 

According to GMAC’s data, the vast majority of employers—86%—do not plan on reducing salaries, benefits, or bonuses for business school grads hired in 2020, emphasizing the value they perceive in business school qualifications.

The skills that business school helps foster may be especially important during periods of crisis

Abilities like critical thinking, communication, and managing technological disruption are expected to be at the top of employers’ wish lists as the ongoing pandemic continues to push the pace of change in almost every industry.

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