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Workday, BCG & The 10 Best Companies For Employee Happiness

Not happy at work? According to a recent employee happiness survey, top employers including BCG and Workday are leading the way when it comes to the companies with the happiest employees

Wed Feb 21 2024

As upsetting as it may sound, we spend approximately an entire third of our lives at work, so it’s important that we feel as content in the office as we do outside of it.  

Not to mention, being in a happy workplace doesn’t just make you feel better—you work better, too. According to the Harvard Business Review, happier workers are not just more productive, they’re also more collaborative, meaning they’re more likely to want to contribute positively to the organization as whole.

But how do companies increase employee happiness? 

Well, if you ask the employer and brand comparison site, Comparably, there are three main factors involved: increasing workplace positivity, creating opportunities for professional growth, and providing satisfactory compensation and benefits.

Based on these metrics, each year Comparably asks workers to rate aspects of their workplace such as diversity, leadership, and burn out in an annual employee happiness survey.

The survey reveals Comparably’s best companies for employee happiness. So, let’s get into it: what are they?

Employee Happiness: 10 Top Companies

10. Chegg 

As a leading direct-to-student learning platform, Chegg also has a lot to teach about employee happiness.

Rated in the top 10% of companies on Comparably’s list for gender equality, and among the top 5% for diversity, Chegg’s employees report feeling very happy with their colleagues and senior staff members.

“The most positive thing about our company is that I work with colleagues I like and respect, we're doing a job that matters and helps people, and I am appreciated every day for the skills I bring to the table,” one anonymous employee reported. 

9. ADP

This payroll company has managed to receive high ratings for employee happiness due to its appealing benefits and comfortable work culture—which 34% of its workers cite as their reason for staying.

According to one employee: “ADP's work-life balance provides a way to be challenged at work while being able to thrive at life outside of work.” 

8. Proofpoint 

For this online cybersecurity company, a strong business mission is a key reason as to why its employees happiness is so high. A staggering 98% of Proofpoint employees say they’re proud to be a part of the tech firm.

One Proofpoint employee told Comparably: “I am so grateful to be working at Proofpoint. I am happy every day I am here, and I love working with my colleagues, managers and my team. We have a great mission and I’m happy to be part of it.” 

7. Informatica 

This innovative, AI-powered software company hasn’t forgotten the value of interpersonal connection. 

At Informatica, employees rate their team, executive team, and leadership in the top 5% of all other companies in Comparably’s database. This is largely due to the open communication between employees and managers, as well as the regularity of hands-on calls. 

“The source of my happiness at work stems from the consistent reassurance that I can openly communicate my concerns to my manager, and together we can collaboratively strive towards my work satisfaction,” says an anonymous Informatica employee.

6. Ring Central 

As a modern, cloud-based software company, Ring Central has managed to make waves with Gen Z, who are enticed by its employee-first, fun work culture. Ring Cental encourages staff to play games, listen to music, and communicate openly with each other. 

According to a Ring Central worker: “The most positive part of working at Ring Central is employee happiness. Many creative company-level events help bring people together, connect with coworkers, and foster a positive, collaborative, energetic working environment.”

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5. Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

Not only is BCG one of the Big Three consulting firms—famous for their eye-wateringly high MBA salaries—it’s also one of the best places for employee happiness.

Though staff rate its culture, growth, and opportunities very highly, the company’s impressive compensation packages (such as healthcare and expenses) take center stage as a reason why workers feel valued. 

One BCG employee says, “Our health benefits are tremendous, especially for families. There are lots of perks in the package on top of a very fair salary.”

4. AT&T

A leading telecommunications company, AT&T comes on top of other industry competitors such as Vodafone and T-Mobile when it comes to employee happiness. 

AT&T staff members attribute their employee happiness mostly to the positive working atmosphere, the benefits packages, and their participation in the company goal, which is to enrich customer lives. 

“The work I perform is dynamic and rewarding,” says one employee. “It’s not easy work, but it does add value to the organization and downstream to our customers and shareholders.”

=3. Topgolf 

While many of the firms on this list are tech companies or consultancies, the third best company for employee happiness is Topgolf: a business offering a high-tech golf driving range game with electronically tracked golf balls and automatically scored drives. 

But the fun doesn’t end on the course. An overwhelming 97% of the company’s employees describe the work environment as positive, with the team cited in reviews as being friendly, outgoing, and supportive. 

According to one Topgolf employee, “It's just such a positive environment. Despite there being hiccups sometimes, I am almost always excited to get back to work. Home away from home!”  

=3. Uber 

Also coming in joint third on this list is the world’s most popular ride-hailing app, Uber. 

With its strong focus on diversity, inclusion, and professional growth, Uber ranks above other top companies such as Meta, Google, and Amazon in terms of employee happiness. Plus, Uber staff members also report feeling content with their benefits and compensation packages—which even includes a wellness allowance.

One anonymous Uber employee told Comparably: “I consider it as one of the best places to work. It is a company with strong values that are pushing me to become a better professional and better person. I feel motivated, as the workplace looks as a supportive environment, where my co-workers are engaged in task that allows align their skills.”

1. Workday

The number one company for employee happiness according to Comparably is the cloud-based HR and finance application provider, Workday

Staff at the firm report feeling valued by their leadership at work, while they describe their team members as diverse, easygoing, and professional. It also ranks among the best companies to work for women. 

Furthermore, a significant 83% of Workday staff say they are paid fairly, while a further 92% report being happy with their benefits—which include 25 vacation days per year.

“Workday has the most inclusive and welcoming culture of any company I've worked for,” reports a current employee. 

So, there you go, these are the top companies to apply for if you want to feel happy at work. 

If you're interested in finding out how you can launch a career at one of these companies and want free advice from b-school careers experts, download our BusinessBecause Careers Guide: What's Next After Business School.