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Workday, Hubspot, BCG & The World’s Best Companies To Work For Women

Find out about the top 25 best companies to work for women in our breakdown of the annual Comparably ranking

By  Shannon Cook

Thu May 4 2023

For women in business to thrive, companies need to foster an environment that’s inclusive, nurturing of female employees’ talents, and provides progression opportunities.

With inequalities in the workplace—such as the gender pay gap and diversity issues in sectors including technology—disproportionally affecting women, the need for companies that champion women in business has never been more pressing.

The Comparably Best Companies for Women ranking compares anonymous feedback from female employees across a 12-month period to determine the best companies for women. 

The platform looked at a set of 50 questions across 16 culture metrics, including: compensation, career growth and opportunities, and work environment. Overall, the list used data from 15 million ratings in 70,000 companies. 

The ranking for the best companies for women in large companies considered those with more than 500 employees—among these, only those with at least 75 employee ratings made the list.

Here are the best companies to work for women, according to the 2022 Comparably list. 

25. Beacon Hill Staffing Group

As a staffing agency, it seems that Beacon Hill Staffing Group isn’t just concerned with the recruitment of talent into other companies but demonstrates it’s committed to nurturing its own talent, too.

The talent solutions firm ranked highly as a great company for women in the workplace, 87% of women at the company believe they are paid fairly.

24. Medallia

Medallia is an experience management software platform and ranks among the top 25 best companies to work for women in the list.

Already the proud owner of the same award in 2021, Medallia shows no signs of losing its position as an advocate for women in the workplace.

Women in the sales department of the firm ranked the culture at Medallia higher than all other departments. 

One employee said: “Medallia has made it easier for women at all leadership levels to re-enter the workforce as a working parent during Covid-19 and school closures.”

23. Sport Clips

This haircare company may specialize in men’s haircuts, yet leadership at the firm regard women’s experience in the workplace as equally important, according to its values and mission.

One employee said: “Our leadership team is a group of motivational women who want nothing less than to see the stylists succeed.”

22. IBM

This technology behemoth provides a workplace for women to succeed in the tech space—a sector where leadership roles are disproportionately filled by men. 

With around 260k employees, IBM's large headcount means it has done well to rank among the best companies for women.

Women in the finance department were most likely to rate the workplace culture for women at IBM the highest.

A total of 77% of women at the firm believe they are paid fairly.

21. Asurion

Global technology solutions firm Asurion insists that diversity is woven into its culture. 

Women at the company rated Team, Happiness, and their manager as the highest culture metrics, while 92% of females rated the work environment as positive.

One employee said: “I feel that I can be myself, I have opportunities for growth and the feedback from my manager makes me feel truly appreciated.”

20. Organon

Global healthcare firm Organon has diversity at the heart of its business model, investing in medicines and treatments for women.

It’s fitting that the company also ranked highly as one of the best companies to work for women in the Comparably list.

“I am so impressed with the warm culture and investment in women’s health. I feel proud!” said one employee at Organon.

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19. Amazon Stores

At number 19 is Amazon Stores, a subsidiary of the big tech giant. 

There are several things you may not know about what it’s like to work at Amazon, such as its leadership and development opportunities for women in business.

Women in the IT department ranked Amazon Stores the highest for workplace culture.

One employee said: “What I like best about the leadership team is that they show a genuine interest in developing my career, my skills and promote work-life balance.”

18. Boston Consulting Group

The Big Three Consulting firm BCG provides initiatives to empower women in business, helping it retain its perch as one of the best companies to work for women in 2022.

Aside from researching gender issues in the workplace and offering solutions in company reports, BCG provides a Women Mentorship Program that helps talented young women through skills workshops, coaching sessions, and networking opportunities.

17. Teleperformance

This global digital business services company fosters an inclusive environment for women in the workplace, according to Comparably.

In total, 85% of women at the firm believe they receive equitable pay. 

One employee said: “I started [at Teleperformance] as a job and found a career. I started with co-workers and found friends and extended family. I started with a temporary place in mind and found a home. I care about this company, and I know that my leaders care about me.”

16. Trimble

Trimble is a technology services company that ranks highly when it comes to championing diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

The company has already won several Comparably awards related to diversity, including Best CEOs for Women in 2019 and 2018.

One employee described their favorite aspects of working for the organization as the company’s commitment to the diverse Trimble groups and the support of minority team members.

A total of 78% of women working at Trimble agree that they are paid fairly. 

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15. Geneva Financial Home Loans

This mortgage lender hosts headquarters in Chandler, Arizona, with over 130 locations across the US.

A resounding 98% of female employees believe that they receive fair pay at the loans company. 

Similarly, 98% of female employees voted that their work environment is positive. 

One employee said: “[it’s a] great place to grow and live your dreams to accomplish whatever you want.” 

14. Calix

Telecommunications firm Calix doesn’t just have its finger on the pulse of cloud platforms but also ranks as one of the best companies for women.

The company is proud to offer several affinity groups, including Women at Calix and LatinX network.

“It is a great company for female employees, with perfect work-life balance, and good employee benefits,” one Calix employee told Comparably.

13. Encora

This global technology solutions firm is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, but has 48 offices across Latin America, India, and the Asia-Pacific region.

In 2022, Encora holds joint Comparably awards for Best Company for Women and Best CEOs for Women.

One employee at Encora said: “everyone here is so helpful and cooperative. Work culture is among the best. High standard work ethics.”

12. Insight Global

At number 12 in the Comparably list is staffing company Insight Global—an organization that professes values such as ‘Everyone Matters’ and ‘We Take Care of Each Other’ as part of its mission statement.

Women in the admin department ranked the culture at Insight Global as the highest.

11. Smartsheet

Cloud-based software platform Smartsheet scores highly when it comes to offering a supportive workplace for women.

Women at the company rated Team, CEO Rating, and Executive Team as the highest culture categories out of those scored. 

One employee at Smartsheet said: “My team is a collection of some the brightest, hardworking people I've ever had the opportunity to work with.”

10. Adobe

Ranking in the top 10 best companies for women is Adobe, as many as 85% of female employees who provided feedback recommend working at Adobe. 

Women at the company rated Perks and Benefits, CEO Rating, and Happiness as the highest categories. 

“[The] company offers a variety of programs, career options, learnings. Also promotes work-life balance. It is a great company for women,” said one Adobe employee.

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9. HubSpot

Placing number nine in the Comparably list is customer relationship management (CRM) platform HubSpot. 

With female CEO Yamini Rangan at the helm of HubSpot, employees rated the firm as one of the best companies for women.

The company houses groups such as Women@HubSpot that aim to empower talented women in the workplace. 

One employee said: “Working at Hubspot has been transformational for me personally and professionally. I feel both supported and challenged by my coworkers, who are world class in what they do. I have never been in an organization that has nailed culture as well as Hubspot has.”

8. Concentrix

Business services company Concentrix offers a great workplace for women, according to the Comparably report.

For four consecutive years since 2019, Concentrix has ranked as one of the best companies for women.

Women at the company rated Team, Executive Team, and Leadership as the highest categories out of those scored. 

7. TaskUs

Founded in the US in 2008, this company provides outsourced digital services and customer experience for innovative companies. 

TaskUs ranks as one of the best companies for women and organizes affinity groups such as Women@TaskUs to help female employees feel connected in the workplace.

6. Workday

Global human resource management firm, Workday, states that its approach to diversity is about embracing everyone. 

Female employees at Workday rated Team, Happiness, and CEO Rating as the highest categories they scored.

Women in the business development department ranked the culture at Workday the highest.

One employee said: “I love working at Workday where I feel valued every single day. Also, Love being part of a community of people who care about people and always look for the positive side of things.”

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5. Globant

At number five is software development firm Globant, which has offices across South America, North America, Europe, and Asia.

The company has now ranked among the best companies for women three times, in 2019, 2021, and 2022.

The admin department ranked Globant’s gender score the highest.

One employee said: “Everybody is chilled and transparent. No bossy culture and arrogant attitude. Nobody tries to take control over you.”

4. Baylor Scott & White Health

This nonprofit healthcare company was founded as a Christian ministry of healing. The company states that its mission is to promote the wellbeing of all individuals, communities, and families.

Women in the customer success department ranked the culture at Baylor Scott & White Health as the highest.

3. Chewy

Chewy is an online pet supply marketplace that strives to be a trusted destination for all your pet needs.

Yet its devotion to pets appears to extend to employees, if the Comparably ranking is anything to go by, with the company placing third in the Comparably list. 

Women in the legal department rated the culture at Chewy the highest.

One employee at Chewy said: “The leadership team is actively engaged with employees and uses employee feedback to make decisions.”

2. ADP

Coming in second place for the Best Company for Women 2022 is management services firm ADP.

With female CEO Maria Black leading the company, women in business ranked the company highly in categories such as Team, Executive Team, and CEO Rating.

Women comprise more than 50% of ADP’s workforce.

ADP has another impressive accolade under its belt: the company ranks among the 100 best companies for working mothers. 

Female employees at ADP are part of a company that hosts Women in Leadership events that bring together powerful female executives.

1. RingCentral

Ranking as the Best Company for Women 2022 in the Comparably report is cloud-based software company RingCentral.

SaaSY Women and RC Women in Leadership are just two of the many Employee Resource Groups (ERG) at RingCentral that seek to make women in business feel supported and elevated.

Female employees at RingCentral rated Executive Team, Team, and Leadership as the highest categories out of those scored.

With 81% of women responding that they believe they are paid equally, RingCentral proves its commitment to diversity and inclusion goes beyond empty promises.

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