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20 Good Company Culture Examples From Google, Uber & More

What is company culture and how can you spot the right one for you? To find out, we've broken some good company culture examples from firms around the world

Fri Apr 12 2024

Salaries, working hours, progression opportunities... they're all important considerations when looking for a new employer. 

However, equally important is a positive company culture. But knowing what to look for is easier said than done, and knowing where to look is even harder. 

Each year, employer and brand comparison site Comparably compiles a ranking of top global companies with the best culture. To make your search easier, we’ve broken down the top 20 firms in this year's list, highlighting the unique schemes and initiatives that make them good company culture examples. 

But before we dive into the list, just what is company culture?

Company culture refers to the shared values, behaviors, standards, and purposes espoused by an organization. It reflects not only why employees do what they do—the value they find in their work—but also how they work together to achieve their goals.

You can tell a lot about the company culture at an organization by the employee benefits they offer. To have a good company culture, employees must be looked after with appropriate health insurance, paid time off, and family leave. All the companies on this list have these benefits in place.

20 Good Company Culture Examples From Top Employers

20. Calix

Broadband platform and managed services 

Headquarters: California, USA

Employee reviews on Comparably report that leaders at Calix are approachable and trusting and that there is a positive company culture of learning and interaction between teams. 

“I can interact with any team even though there is no immediate relation in terms of project or work,” one reviewer told Comparably. “I can learn from other teams to help me understand about a new subject or domain.”

As well as offering traditional benefits like dental and health insurance, Calix also offers unusual employee benefits including:

⇨ Lifestyle reimbursement account

⇨ Remote office furniture program

⇨ Internet reimbursement

⇨ Health savings account

19. Uber

Transportation and food delivery app

Headquarters: California, USA

Uber is well-known for its positive company culture, with employees reporting that leaders lead by example and listen to feedback from employees.

“The company is growing and I can see my direct contribution which excites me,” said one reviewer participating in the survey. 

Notable employee benefits include:

⇨ Monthly Uber Credits for rides and food, plus a discount

⇨ A wellbeing stipend to use on physical and mental wellbeing

18. SPS Commerce

Supply chain management software provider

Headquarters: Minnesota, USA

Employees at SPS Commerce report that leaders have created a culture of appreciation and teamwork, thanks in part to their strong employee stock options and bonuses. The company also strives to make a positive impact on the local community through volunteering.

“You do not feel alone when new and starting,” according to one anonymous employee. “Everyone is so kind and welcoming. They want you to stay and will find the best place for you and your skills to grow.”

As well as offering health, dental, vision, life, and pet insurance, SPS Commerce also offers employees adoption assistance and disability benefits.

17. Medallia

Online feedback platform 

Headquarters: California, USA

Medallia’s mission statement is “Helping people be the best at what they do,” and it applies within the organization as well as to their product. 

“I think we embrace our own feedback culture and everybody is trying to help you to do your job better,” reported one employee. “Receiving [prompt] feedback about the quality of my work helps me to stay sharp, something I never experienced before in my career.”

In addition to a company culture of strong professional development, Medallia also offers highly competitive benefits, including LGBTQ+ benefits and a global parenting support benefit that covers all aspects of family planning, from egg-freezing to early pediatrics.

16. Encora

Digital engineering services

Headquarters: Arizona, USA

Encora is a good company culture example largely due to its focus on professional development and inclusivity. Employees report that HR works hard to ensure the global workforce feels cohesive.

Employees praise its transparency: “The company also tries to keep us informed of its progress, changes and challenges that will occur to continue growing and improving,” said one employee in the Comparably survey.  

Encora employee benefits include flexible work arrangements and employee recognition and assistance programs to boost productivity and development.

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15. TaskUs

Digital outsourcing

Headquarters: Texas, USA

TaskUs boasts a positive company culture based on mutual respect.

“There is no gap in the communication between teammates and leaders which is a good environment,” one reviewer revealed.

The office facilities feature prominently among employees’ positive feedback, boasting dog-friendly offices, a fully-stocked kitchen, and weekly lunches.

However, TaskUs also allows employees considerable flexibility thanks to unlimited PTO, flexible working hours, and “summer Fridays”.

To ensure that remote workers are not left behind, the company also offers laundry, wellness, cell phone, and home internet reimbursement benefits.

14. Teleperformance


Headquarters: Paris, France

Teleperformance employees report strong collaboration with leaders and that their leadership teams are friendly and willing to help.

Employee incentives and training are also strong, thanks to the company’s “JUMP!” program, which aims to prepare employees to become leaders.

The training program offers technical and behavioral training as well as personal development plans to help move employees up the company ladder and forward in their careers.

13. Google

Global tech company 

Headquarters: California, USA

What makes the Google company culture so special is its focus on personal growth, creativity, and work-life balance.

Much of this comes from the big tech firm's famously strong employee benefits, which won Comparably’s “Best Company Perks and Benefits” every year from 2019 to 2023.

The Google company culture is especially supportive for parents, who can access a suite of competitive benefits including:

⇨ A global minimum of 18-weeks of paid leave for all new parents

⇨ A minimum of 24-weeks paid leave for birthing parents

⇨ Onsite lactation rooms

⇨ Backup childcare support

12. IBM

Consulting, technology, and business services 

Headquarters: New York, USA

The positive company culture at IBM comes from a drive to achieve success. Employees frequently comment on the transparency of IBM’s leadership, laying out what is needed for success.

To facilitate this, the company culture encourages a learning mindset with its Your Learning digital platform. This helps employees upskill to meet the demands of their roles and further grow their careers.

Notable benefits offered by IBM include:

⇨ Tuition reimbursement

⇨ Company social outings

11. ADP

Cloud-based human capital management software provider 

Headquarters: New Jersey, USA

ADP’s mission statement is “Always designing for people,” and this is reflected in its focus on employee wellbeing. 

“ADP prioritizes the well-being of employees [and] offers support at all levels within the organization,” said one Comparably reviewer. “I am treated with trust, empathy, and respect.”

Reviewers also comment on the transparency with which leaders communicate, and how accessible they are to the average employee. 

Benefits for ADP employees include retirement support, adoption assistance, and a health savings account, in addition to health, dental, life, vision, and disability insurance.

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10. RX Global

Exhibition and event organizer 

Headquarters: Surrey, UK

Employees report that the company culture at RX Global is inclusive and fast-paced, with managers and executives willing to listen to employees.

One of the things that sets RX apart from other company cultures is its focus on giving back to the community. Last year, nearly one-third of RX employees engaged in volunteering through the RELX Cares program. That’s a huge percentage compared to the average across sectors, which is just 85% according to data from Business for Societal Impact.

9. Globant

Software product development 

Headquarters: California, USA

Globant’s positive company culture is inclusive and demonstrates that tech companies don’t have to be hostile environments for women.

“I can be myself, [and] being a woman in tech is not always easy,” one anonymous reviewer told Comparably. “I feel my teammates are kind, respectful and caring. There's a growth mindset, in which people want the company to grow and they want people to grow with it.”

Globant offers robust health insurance benefits and perks for onsite workers such as free food, massages, and even manicures. The company also offers relocation possibilities and a “work anywhere” program to give employees flexibility.

8. LexisNexis Legal & Professional

Legal, regulatory, and business information and analytics provider

Headquarters: New York, USA

In a highly technical field, LexisNexis Legal & Professional’s company culture stands out for the “servant leadership” model it uses, where employees are given what they need to thrive.

“Everyone is encouraged to learn and develop if they want to and, to that end, everyone has access to a wide variety of learning materials covering every conceivable area of L&D,” said one employee.

Another common theme in employee reviews is the friendly atmosphere, with camaraderie between workers.

Like RX Global, LexisNexis offers employees opportunities to give back to their communities, giving them two days to complete pro bono services or volunteer.

7. Elsevier

Global information analytics provider

Headquarters: New York, USA 

Employee reviews of Elsevier show it as a good company culture example built on flexibility, supporting work-life balance, and trusting employees to complete their work and provide valuable insight to leadership.

The key benefits Elsevier provides are:

⇨ Flexible working

⇨ Monthly mental health webinars

⇨ Virtual mindfulness sessions

6. Concentrix

Customer experience software 

Headquarters: California, USA

Employees at Concentrix praise the company’s focus on employee wellbeing and development for creating a good company culture.

“There are so many places that don't value the staff or are unforgiving,” according to one review. “We give the staff every opportunity to be the best they can be and we guide them rather than be punitive.”

In fact, the organization’s learning and development programs earned it a top 50 placement in Training magazine’s top 100 rankings.

Employees also appreciate Concentrix leadership’s transparency and clear understanding of their sector.

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 ©NYU Stern / Facebook

5. HubSpot

Marketing, sales, and customer service software provider

Headquarters: Massachusetts, USA

HubSpot is a prominent thought leader when it comes to creating a positive company culture, and employees hold leaders to a high standard.

“We hold our leaders accountable to walk the walk on culture,” one employee told Comparably. “People care a lot about culture and want to [make it] a priority. Personally, that's what keeps me at HubSpot”

One particular area where HubSpot pushes the envelope when it comes to creating a good company culture is providing non-traditional employee benefits including:

⇨ Unlimited vacation

⇨ High stock grants

⇨ Five-year sabbatical

⇨ Egg-freezing coverage

⇨ Up to eight hours of volunteering in company time annually

4. RingCentral

Cloud-based communications

Headquarters: California, USA 

RingCentral promotes a positive company culture through frequent campus events which employees praise for elevating community spirit and giving them a chance to socialize with people they don’t work with directly.

Remote and hybrid work options are also available, alongside extensive mental health support including:

⇨ Once-a-quarter mental health days

⇨ An employee assistance program offering 24/7 counseling sessions

⇨ 1:1 wellness coaching and meditation guidance

Finally, employees report a positive company culture of recognition and appreciation.

“[The leadership team’s] acknowledgment of individual contributions not only motivates team members but also cultivates a sense of belonging and fulfillment within the organization,” said one employee.

3. Chegg

Online student services

Headquarters: California, USA 

Employee reviews reflect that Chegg is successful in building a good company culture that can keep up with a turbulent market. 

“I have worked at a lot of places that say they care and don't,” revealed one employee participating in the survey. “We are up on the trends and technology keeping us current. We have new programs and B2B ideas coming in.”

In line with its educational mission, Chegg offers an Equity for Education benefits program to help employees pay off student debt and push this issue to the forefront of employers’ minds. Chegg has already paid over $1 million to employees to pay off their student debt.

The company also offers a tuition reimbursement program for work-related learning.

2. Workday

Cloud-based HR software 

Headquarters: California, USA

Employees report that Workday is a people-first organization that fosters a good company culture based on caring and inclusive teams. 

“People are our first core value, and this ethos is lived throughout the company,” said one employee.

A whopping 92% of Workday employees report being happy with the benefits provided by their employer, which include extensive family support in addition to non-traditional employee benefits like period health support and a well-being subsidy.

1. Microsoft

Global tech company

Headquarters: Washington, USA

The Microsoft company culture is known the world over for being a supportive and motivating work environment.

One of the common themes in employee reviews is the growth mindset at the heart of the Microsoft company culture, with employees receiving ample support to expand and apply their skills.

An example of this in action is the hackathon that Microsoft hosts each year, the largest private hackathon in the world.

Employees also benefit from on-the-job “stretch” assignments to extend themselves and their skills beyond their current roles.

Other employee benefits that contribute to the supportive Microsoft company culture include:

⇨ Employee resource groups to connect employees of marginalized identities across global teams

⇨ Generous family leave, parenting classes, and adoption assistance

⇨ Financial education and tuition assistance

Image © Jiaqian AirplaneFan on Wikimedia Commons, reproduced under this licence.