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Texan Airlines Exec Chooses UK School For Online MBA

Southwest Airlines exec Gad Wavomba could fly a plane before he could drive a car, and now he's embarked on the Online MBA programme at Aston Business School!

By  Ifeatu Nnaobi

Fri Feb 15 2013

Half American, half Kenyan aviation specialist Gad Wavomba learned to fly a plane before he could drive a car, but that's not the only unusual move he's made.
Based in Texas, Gad has enrolled on the Online MBA program at Aston Business School, all the way across the Atlantic in the UK!

Gad is a graduate of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, one of the world’s top universities for students interested in a high-level career in aeronautics. One out of every four commerical airline pilots in the USA is an ERAU graduate.

Gad, 25, is a passionate airlines specialist whose experience includes network development, schedule planning, marketing and sales. He’s already worked for some of the biggest names in the industry including Continental Airlines and Southwest Airlines.

He once took on the grand challenge of implementing additional travel routes - four domestic and four international- without any additional aircraft for Arik Air, based out of their bustling office in Lagos, Nigeria.

Skilled and ambitious, Gad talks to us about why he chose an MBA from Aston Business School
Where are you currently living and working?
I’m live in Dallas, Texas, and work for Southwest Airlines in Revenue Management and Pricing
You're enrolled on an MBA in the UK - how does that work when you're based in the US?
The Aston MBA program I’ve enrolled on can be completed online, giving me the flexibility to continue with my work commitments and obtain a triple accredited MBA. Annually, I’ll travel across the pond to participate in the program’s required residential workshops to build relations with classmates and faculty. 
What made you decide to do an MBA?
The decision to obtain an MBA was to gain further knowledge in business practice and theory. My experience has been extremely specialized in aviation and this course will diversify my business acumen and support my long term career goals. 
How did you research different MBA programs?
I did a lot of due diligence over time to determine which MBA program was suitable for me. I utilized the most notable online resources including BusinessBecause but also sought advice from key mentors. 
What made you choose Aston Business School?
The most important reasons were its triple accreditation, global perspective, diversity, rankings, modules, and the outstanding faculty.
What are you hoping to achieve by doing an MBA?
I would like to gain personal development, enhance my knowledge and improve my skills. I also want career progression and to grow my international network. 
What have been the highlights of the course so far?
Interacting with the diverse group of individuals from all over the world and applying course business practices towards my work at Southwest. 
You have extensive experience in the airline industry - what are the major challenges faced by commercial airlines?
The airline industry is notorious for small profit margins, its cyclical nature and poor competition. It can be quite oligopolistic. 
Did you grow up wanting to work in aviation or did you fall in to the sector by chance?
I have wanted to be in aviation since I was a child. My father works in the industry and I actually learned to fly a plane before I could drive a car. 
What do you hope to be doing in 10 years time?
I hope to remain in the aviation industry, progress in my career and utilize my international expertise and MBA
Aston.png   Gad Wavomba
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