Here's 5 Reasons Why You Should Study An Online MBA In 2018

Online MBAs offer opportunities for women in business, career progression, and flexible learning

A labyrinth of opportunity is opening up for students in search of an MBA, but who struggle to find the time amid family and work commitments—distance learning manages to conjure up more hours in the day.

Online MBAs, like the one offered by Birmingham Business School, are propping up the world over, offering opportunities for women in business, quickfire career wins, and flexible, distance learning.  

The program at Birmingham Business School is the first of its kind in the world to receive accreditation from the Association of MBAs (AMBA) too, as students receive an identical education to those learning on campus.

Learning through fortnightly live sessions, connecting with tutors, lecturers, and groups of students in an interactive, online learning environment, students glean knowledge they can translate directly back into their working life—time, location, and travel to and from campus are no longer an issue.

Here are 5 reasons you should study an Online MBA in 2018:

1.Opportunities for women in business

For women, the question of whether to pursue an education and a career, or stay at home and raise a family, is being made obsolete by the ability to combine studying and family life, prospering in the process.

“The future for women in business is bright now that we’re able to study and work at the same time,” says Jane Mutamangira, a mother, managing director of a luxury taxi firm in Zimbabwe, and current student studying the Online MBA from Birmingham Business School.

“I have a family consisting of small children,” she continues, “so I decided to do an online degree because of its flexibility—I chose Birmingham because of how internationally-recognized the school is.”

2. Quickfire career wins

Kathirvel Balakrishnan, a current Online MBA student at Birmingham Business School, has seen quickfire, tangible career gains as a lead data architect at a British multinational electricity and gas utility company—he’s been able to apply the knowledge from the classroom straight into his quotidian life.

“At senior level, IT is not like it was before. It is a must to understand other areas such as finance and accounting, global operations, sales and marketing strategies, and people management,” he explains.

“I am able to articulate the issues, problems, and messages in a clear and concise manner now. I understand business much better and am now able to provide evidence-based responses to teams more often—which helps for completing a thorough analysis of items at work.”

3. Entrepreneurs Need Not Fret

Launching a new company can be hectic. All the hours required to get the idea from inception to growth can create a maelstrom of stress.

On top of that, the cultivators of tech startups are often skilled technically—with degrees in engineering, bioscience, or other related fields—but they lack the nous when it comes to business practices.

The Online MBA at Birmingham Business School could quell those issues, allowing startup, tech-savvy businessfolk the chance to combine launching their company with a growing understanding of how to ensure the business consistently scales up, affording them the time to dedicate to their business while they learn.

4. Flexible learning, guaranteed!

“The great thing about Birmingham’s Online MBA is that it is truly an online course,” says Harriet Jeckells, another Online MBA candidate at Birmingham Business School. “Although advertised as ‘online’, most other universities require that you attend campus either regularly or at some point during the degree.”

The Birmingham Online MBA is entirely online, 100%, guaranteed, with no need to travel to campus at any point during the degree.

That means you save on air travel, the logistics of missing work while away, and leaving family behind while you jet off for lectures and seminars abroad—you can learn from anywhere, at any time, on any device!

5. Don’t miss work (or your family)!

Balancing work and family life is a task in itself—throw in an MBA and it’s like trying to solve a Rubik’s cube, blind, with your hands tied behind your back.

And then there’s the perennial question MBAs ask themselves before embarking on a program: how do I justify taking one or two years out of industry to focus on studying?

With the Online MBA at Birmingham Business School, all that trouble is removed, as you juggle work and study and family life, all with the knowledge that you don’t have to sacrifice the time you dedicate to any of them. 



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