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What Are The Best Online MBAs In Business Analytics?

Which are the best Online MBAs in Business Analytics? Find out the top analytics MBAs at schools including the likes of Indiana Kelley School of Business and Michigan Ross School of Business

Mon Feb 27 2023

It’s no secret that data is changing the world. Valued at around $198 billion in 2020, the big data and analytics industry is expected to grow to approximately $684 billion by 2030. 

This growth is driven by the vast business opportunities that data provides. Skilled analytics professionals can leverage their knowledge to help companies across a wide range of sectors make data-driven decisions. 

Upskilling in this area is a handy way to capitalize on these opportunities and future-proof your career. Enrolling in an MBA with a specialist Business Analytics track could provide you with the fundamental business knowledge and specialist skills for success. 

Online MBAs in Business Analytics combine core business topics such as finance, accounting, and strategy, with subjects including data visualization, machine learning, and programming. 

Today, wide availability of online programs means you could enroll and upskill without having to leave your job. So which are the best Online MBAs in Business Analytics you could choose to take the next step in your career? 

Here are the top 10 business analytics MBAs, according to US News & World Report.

=10. Santa Clara University Leavey School of Business

Cost per credit: $1,234

The California-based Leavey School of Business offers an Online MBA in Business Analytics heavily influenced by its location within close proximity to Silicon Valley. The vast majority of the program is taught virtually, while there are two residency periods lasting three days which bring students together on-campus. 

Comparatively cheaper than most programs on this list, the Leavey Online MBA incorporates classes from the school’s online MSc in Business Analytics. Among the class, 62% of students achieve a promotion during the program or after graduation. Those who go on to work in information technology (IT) typically earn median salaries of $155,000. 

=10. Rice University Jones Graduate School of Business 

Cost per credit: $2,100

With an average GMAT score of 658, the Online MBA at Jones Graduate School of Business is one of the more competitive options in this list. The program takes a highly collaborative approach among students aiming to promote a sense of community. Students surveyed by US News gave it an engagement score of 94%. 

At $2,100 per credit, the program is relatively expensive among other top Online MBAs in Business Analytics, however students can expect small class sizes and an engaging interactive study experience. 

=10. Babson College Olin Graduate School of Business 

Cost per credit: $1,990

Babson is a business school renowned for its focus on entrepreneurship. As such, the MBA program has a large focus on entrepreneurial skills however it also offers strong business analytics credentials with core and elective modules as well as specializations dedicated to the subject. 

Studying at Babson costs just under $2k per credit, and the program can be completed entirely online. 

=8. University of Maryland College Park Smith School of Business

Cost per credit: $1,733 

Students at Maryland Smith experience an on-campus residency early in their studies before completing the course online during live classes. The curriculum is largely identical to the school’s in-person MBA, and students have the same access to the careers service and school alumni network of more than 68,000 grads. 

Enrolling at Maryland Smith costs $1,733 per credit, so it's far from the most expensive program on this list. With GMAT scores averaging at 633, the standard is relatively high, however 76% of those who apply are accepted onto the program. 

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=8. North Carolina State University Poole College of Management 

Cost per credit: $2,384

The NC State Jenkins Professional Online MBA is STEM-designated, meaning it has strong credentials in technical areas and a particular focus on business analytics. Students enroll in a range of analytics-led core courses as well as electives in areas such as marketing analytics and data security. 

The program is the most expensive among the top-10 best Online MBAs in Business Analytic, costing $2,384 to enroll per credit. But it is extremely flexible with the time taken to complete the course ranging from 21 months to six years. 

7. University of Michigan Ross School of Business 

Cost per credit: $2,169 

Michigan Ross is a highly regarded business school in the US, offering a competitive Online MBA program with a cohort average GMAT score of 681. The program is largely the same as the school’s in-person MBA and includes modules covering areas such as Managerial Data Analytics and Equity Analytics. 

The Ross Online MBA costs $2,169 per credit, making it one of the more expensive programs on this list, however it has strong employment credentials: 94% of graduates land jobs within four months, while the mean salary across the graduating class is $150,673. 

=5. University of Texas at Dallas Naveen Jindal School of Management 

Cost per credit: $1,858

With core courses and electives in business analytics, as well as specialist concentrations and even the option of a dual MBA/MS in Business Analytics degree, the UT Dallas Online MBA is a strong option if you’re looking to launch an analytics career. 

Students enrolled in the program can complete their studies entirely remote, or join in-person classes if they prefer. Comparatively more affordable than some of the other top programs on this list—though by no means the cheapest—the UT Dallas program has an average GMAT score of 631 however just 35% of applicants are accepted. 

=5. Arizona State University W.P. Carey School of Business 

Cost per credit: $1,258

The Online MBA at ASU Carey is STEM certified and offers modules that teach you how to take data driven decisions. There’s also a specialist MBA concentration in Business Data Analytics, covering areas such as data mining, regression modeling, and marketing analytics. 

The program is taught 100% online and all classes are recorded for added flexibility. It is among the cheapest on this list, costing just $1,258 per credit. The ASU cohort has an average GMAT score of 616 and 61% of applicants are accepted. 

4. University of Florida Warrington College of Business 

Cost per credit: $1,208

The UF Online MBA can be studied over a 16-month or two-year period. The cheapest program on this list with per-credit tuition costing just $1,208, it’s also among the more competitive options with 42% of applicants accepted. Students’ average GMAT scores sit at 581. 

IT is one of the leading industries for UF Online MBA graduates, and the highest earning sector with median base salaries of $122,000. Among the cohort, 59% of students are employed after four months. 

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1d47c2878cc10ba35f612db785fbd297ff873a34.png ©LightFieldStudios via iStock

3. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Cost per credit: $2,025  

UNC’s Online MBA is STEM-designated and offers a specialist concentration in Data Analytics and Decision Making, alongside core and elective modules in areas such as Data Analytics and Python for Business Analytics. 

Taught over an 18-36 month period, the UNC Online MBA offers live classes as well as the flexibility to complete the course according to your schedule. Students can also opt to complete some of their studies in-person. 

With a price tag of $2,025 per credit, UNC’s Online MBA is among the more expensive programs on this list. The average GMAT score is high, sitting at 665, while 49% of applications are accepted. As many as 90% of students are employed within four months of graduation, and those who go on to work in IT are among the highest earners, with median salaries of $145,500. 

2. Indiana University Kelley School of Business 

Cost per credit: $1,521

The Kelley Online MBA is taught mostly online, with three courses delivered physically in-class. The program offers several elective modules in areas such econometrics, data mining, and predictive data analysis. It is highly flexible: available to study over a 2-4 year period. 

Kelley Online MBA students have a high average GMAT score of 675, while the application process is among the most competitive in this list with just 35% accepted. A total of 77% of graduates are employed after four-months, with IT one of the highest earning graduate sectors earning median base salaries of $200,000. 

At $1,521, the Kelley Online MBA is the cheapest of the top-three programs ranked by US News. 

1. Carnegie Mellon University Tepper School of Business

The Tepper School of Busines is home to the best Online MBA in Business Analytics, according to US News. A prestigious b-school located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Tepper’s Online MBA is STEM-designated and boasts a curriculum emphasizing analytics skills. 

Analytics is listed as one of three foundational program areas, and core courses teach topics such as prescriptive and predictive modeling, and optimization. Officially a hybrid program with several residential weekend periods throughout the year, the curriculum is identical to the highly regarded Tepper Full-Time MBA. It takes 32-months to complete. 

A demanding program, Tepper Online MBA students have an average GMAT score of 668 and the acceptance rate is 61%. At $2,275 per credit, only the NC State Online MBA is more expensive, however the program offers strong employment prospects with 95% of grads employed after four-months and those landing jobs in IT securing salaries of $160,000 on average. 

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