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NYU Stern Launches Master In Fintech Teaching Blockchain, Cryptocurrency & AI

Want to embark on a career in financial technology? The NYU Stern Master in Fintech aims to help students seize opportunities in the rapidly growing fintech sector

Wed May 4 2022

Technology driven startups have shaken up the financial sector in recent years. The likes of Stripe, Klarna, and Coinbase have developed innovative new financial solutions to turn fintech into a $100 billion+ industry. 

New York University’s Stern School of Business believes fintech’s soaring influence creates the need to train the next generation of fintech leaders. Enter the school’s new degree: the Master’s in Fintech (MSFT), scheduled to launch in May 2023. 

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NYU Stern Master’s in Fintech: Curriculum

The NYU Stern Specialized Master’s in Fintech is a one-year, part-time degree, made up of 34-credits and comprising 22 courses that are taught via a hybrid learning format. 

The program is aimed at experienced professionals with a minimum of five years of experience. While the typical Master in Finance focuses on highly complex financial theory, the Master's in Fintech is for students looking to develop skills in both finance and tech. 

“We designed the program for two types of students,” says Kathleen DeRose, academic director of the MSFT. “Professionals in the finance industry eager to understand the challenges of digital transformation, and professionals in the technology industry ready to improve their knowledge of financial services.”

The course is split between seven modules, with the first delivered online in a live format, while the following six are taught from Stern’s New York campus and a rotation of other locations based in global fintech hubs. 

Course content covers a broad range of topics including programming and business analytics, big data, innovation, and ethics. There’s also a focus on cutting-edge technology like blockchain, cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. 

Stern aims to make use of its substantial expertise in financial technology. The school first offered blockchain and cryptocurrency teaching to MBA students in 2014, while a fintech specializiation was added to the MBA in 2017.


“Stern’s academic leadership and experience in this space is unmatched,” Kathleen says. 

The MSFT curriculum also offers students practical learning opportunities to further develop their skills. An ongoing Capstone module requires students to work in teams on a project covering topics of their choosing in the fintech industry. Modules also include an ‘Application’ stage where students apply their learning during case studies, group projects, and coursework. 

Stern hopes that, after graduation, MSFT students will be able to implement their skills across the entire fintech sector, “whether that’s founding a startup, or helping an incumbent adapt,” explains Kathleen.

“We will also shape future fintech leaders, prepared for senior roles at the top of fintech companies,” she adds.

Why a Master’s in Fintech? 

The 10 most valuable fintech companies in the world include mobile payments firms, a cryptocurrency exchange, an online trading platform, and banking and financial services. The myriad ways technology is revolutionizing finance means fintech is rapidly developing, expected to reach a valuation of $324 billion by 2026. 

“Fintech is at the forefront of finance. It's mainstream, and no longer the realm of just disruptive startups and crypto fans,” explains Kathleen. “Everyone working in finance is adapting to a new world defined by networked platforms, automation, and decentralized finance.” 

With technology playing such an integral part in this change, it’s important that people aiming to have successful careers in finance have the necessary skills and understanding of tech. 

“When industry change is so fast, education is one of the only ways to jumpstart or remake a career,” she adds.

If you’re looking to do just that: the application for the MSFT will cost $83,000, while the deadline for applying to be part of the first class is September 1st 2022. 

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Student Reviews

New York University - Leonard N. Stern School of Business




On Campus

What built my love for NYU

My involvement with NYU has been astonishing thanks to individuals there, yet I truly do figure they could improve in the area of offering understudies sage monetary guidance. I only have more inquiries in regards to my school consistently. I truly like how different and comprehensive my school is generally speaking. By and large, individuals are thoughtful, well disposed, and exceptionally splendid. I'm propelled to work harder by my incredible speakers and companions. Assets and encounters are unparalleled. In spite of the fact that it isn't a great fit for everybody, I love going to a major metropolitan school. The main things I need were that it was more affordable and farther away from my folks.




On Campus

Experienced educators

NYU is known for its focus on providing students with hands-on experiences. They offer numerous opportunities for exploration. The classes are enjoyable, and the professors display genuine passion for both their subjects and their students. The professors at NYU are highly knowledgeable in their fields and are always available to lend a helping hand as long as you make the effort to approach them. Joining a research laboratory is highly encouraged and can provide you with priceless experience. The professors not only care for students but are also highly intelligent. They prioritize the success of their students in their future careers.




On Campus

Graduate Acting in a Nutshell

NYU's Graduate Acting program has consistently been recognized in the world's top 5 acting graduate programs for years. With an unprecedented pandemic commencing in my first year in the program, I experienced the type of innovation worthy of that world recognition. The ability to pivot entirely, yet maintain an extremely high level of education was truly profound. I consistently found myself being pushed in ways I wasn't aware I needed to be. The access to industry professionals for advice, guidance, and leadership means the transition after graduation is much less daunting than going it alone.




On Campus

Simply the best school

This school is truly outstanding. In essence, there is no other educational institution that can surpass its exceptional performance and unparalleled attention to detail. It not only boasts state-of-the-art equipment, but also houses exceptional professors who are available to guide and instruct students on their usage.




On Campus

Quality curriculum

NYU is a wonderful school where you can really learn anything you want to know. New York College gives probably the best training inside a city climate. I can see NYU becoming a leader in the technology and infrastructure industries thanks to its rapidly expanding engineering school. I love the delightful way proficient the teachers are and how the educational plan is set up.




On Campus

Amazing school environment

The campus of New York University is very diverse, has excellent programs, and the professors are nice. NYU's location is fantastic because it is close to Manhattan. There is so much to learn about and such a lively environment created by the city. Additionally, I believe that the urban location of the campus aids students in developing important life skills.




On Campus

Transformative experience

The experience of going to New York University (NYU) has been transformational. An environment that is conducive to study is created by the lively campus and multicultural community. NYU provides a comprehensive education that goes beyond the classroom thanks to the access to limitless opportunities in the center of New York City. The student experience is further improved by the support services and extracurricular activities. I wholeheartedly endorse NYU as a fantastic university.





This programe was strong!

The studies we're great, I learned the ins & outs of modern history. The subjects taught were on point (biology, art, etc.) The staff was well trained and were very helpful and kind. Facilities were also on point. The pricing can be a bit expensive though, but it is worse in Massachusetts.





NYU's Undergrad Accounting

The Stern School of Business provides the undergraduate accounting program at New York University. Students are prepared for careers in accounting, finance, and related fields through this highly regarded program. In addition to a comprehensive business education, the program provides students with a solid foundation in accounting principles. The educational program remembers courses for monetary bookkeeping, administrative bookkeeping, tax collection, evaluating, and data frameworks. Economics, statistics, finance, and management are also required courses for students. Through internships and other experiential learning opportunities, students have the opportunity to gain practical experience in addition to the coursework. Additionally, the program has strong connections to leading accounting firms, which may offer students a route to employment opportunities after graduation. By and large, the undergrad bookkeeping program at New York College is a thorough and extensive program that can give understudies the abilities and information they need to prevail in the field of bookkeeping.




On Campus

Journalism program

The best professors!!!! Really talented and experienced, full of knowledge and gave really a hands on education. We worked like a real newsroom, got assigned stories and were given the tools to go after them.