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Georgetown University Set To Launch New Master's In Green Real Estate

Want to embark on a career in green real estate? The new Master in Global Real Assets at Georgetown McDonough School of Business will help you seize opportunities in the real estate sector

By  Priya Khaira

Wed Dec 28 2022

Significant changes to society and the environment have transformed the real estate industry. An estimated 35% of real assets worldwide are exposed to climate hazards. More and more investors are thinking more about the impact of real estate capital through an ESG (environmental, social, and governance) lens. 

US-based Georgetown University McDonough School of Business (MSB) plans to help lead the transition towards green real estate. The school hopes to prepare future leaders in the sector with a new Master’s in Global Real Assets, teaching prospective students how real estate can foster positive change in society. 

MSB Master’s in Global Real Assets | Program 

The MS in Global Real Assets is a 12-month, full-time program in Washington DC, set to kick off in Autumn 2023. 

The course will teach real estate with a focus on real assets, global capital flows, and ESG issues.

Expanding on Georgetown’s Jesuit tradition, the course will teach you how to utilize a career in real estate in a way that supports communities while promoting sustainability. 

“People need to think differently about the way they invest and approach investment. Hence why the course has such a unique ESG focus,” says Matthew Cypher, academic director of the new program and director of the Steers Center for Global Real Estate at Georgetown McDonough. 

Enrolling in the program means you’ll learn in small class sizes and cover a range of topics from ESG investing, to infrastructure financing, ethical leadership, and sustainable business management. 

Why is now the time for a Master’s in green real estate?  

The real estate market has changed significantly in recent years. 

Inflation rates have soared since the pandemic, while the climate crisis increasingly becomes the most prominent issue in business and society. The real estate industry alone contributes to 40% of the world’s carbon emissions. 

Investors are now prioritizing ESG issues to improve their investment performance, help smaller communities, and better protect the environment. 

“We need to address the issues that have occurred post pandemic. The program at Georgetown addresses these issues in a great intersection,” adds Matthew. 

Studying different aspects of real assets allows students to understand how issues of ESG combined with issues of infrastructure and real estate impact firm performance. 

It will also set you up with the skills needed to launch a career in the developing real estate market.

Applications for the program are set to open in August 2023. To apply you'll need to submit an online application form, CV, video essay, personal essay and one letter of recommendation on the university website. The total cost of the program is $75,000. 

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