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4 Business Master’s Launching In 2023 To Prepare Grads For The Future Of Work

Over recent years, business schools have been gearing up to prepare a new generation to face today’s complex business challenges. These new master’s degrees could prepare you for the future of work

By  Charlotte Brook

Mon Jan 23 2023

It would be an understatement to say that the business world is changing. Industries have long passed the point of being able to delay in responding to the climate emergency, while new innovations in technology are constantly driving the global digital transformation. 

As a result, future business leaders will need to be innovative, sustainably minded, and tech-savvy if they’re going to make an impact and drive business growth. 

Here are four new business master’s degrees that business schools are launching in 2023 to help prepare students to face future challenges. 

HHL Leipzig | Master In Entrepreneurship 

Launching in fall 2023, the Master in Entrepreneurship at HHL Leipzig is designed to help students become innovative thinkers who can turn vision into reality. They will learn about entrepreneurship within the era of digital transformation as well as how to leverage disruptive technologies.

Whether founding a startup or taking the intrapreneurship route, the program is structured so students can choose the skills they need to reach their goals.

Elective courses include Growing & Scaling Companies, Restructuring Organizations, and a seminar on starting your own digital venture. 

Students can also choose between undertaking an internship or working in an incubator to foster their ideas alongside other entrepreneurs. 

The program is 21-24 months long and tuition fees are around $36,700. The deadline to apply for the first intake is May 31 for international students and June 30 for EU students—or those not requiring a visa. 

Georgetown McDonough | Master In Green Real Estate

One sector where the climate crisis has had a transformational impact is real estate. Investors are increasingly adopting an ESG (environmental, social, and governance) lens when viewing property. 

To help leaders make the transition towards sustainable practices within the sector, Georgetown McDonough are launching a new Master’s in Global Real Assets in Fall 2023.

Students will learn about a range of topics such as ESG investing, ethical leadership, sustainable business management, and infrastructure financing. 

The program culminates with a Global Capstone Project where students travel abroad to see how real estate and infrastructure intersects with environmental issues in real-world situations. They'll also get the chance to network with industry leaders. 

The program lasts 12 months and students will pay $75,000. Applications are now open.

NEOMA Business School | Master in Sustainability Transformation 

Joining the ranks of sustainability focused master’s programs is NEOMA Business School in France with its Master in Sustainability Transformation. The program will launch in September 2023 as a dual degree option with the Master in Management. 

Core modules will cover topics such as responsible supply chain, energy procurement, responsible human resources, green marketing, responsible finance, circular economy, and business ethics.

After the MSc in Sustainability Transformation, grads will be well-positioned to launch careers as sustainability consultants, sustainability analysts, or could launch social impact entrepreneurial ventures. 

Applications for the 2023 intake close in mid-July and students will pay $14,800 per year. 

Emory Goizueta | Master in Business Analytics For Working Professionals

Data and technology have had a huge impact on business in recent years. Implementing advanced tech such as AI, machine learning, and cloud computing requires an advanced skillset, even for professionals with experience in the sector. 

That’s why Emory Goizueta has launched its Master in Business Analytics For Working Professionals (xMSBA). The program is designed for students with five or more years of experience in a data, analytics, or IT role. 

The part-time program lasts 10 months. Students apply the skills learned in core topics in the Analytics Practicum, working on a data-driven solution for a top company or using real data from their own company. 

There will also be two in-person residences and two three-day international trips.

Applications for the first cohort close on April 12, 2023. The total cost of the program is $75,350. 

Whether you want to be at the forefront of industry transitions towards a greener business model, launch your own impactful venture, or upskill in data and technology, there’s sure to be a specialized master’s program that is the right fit for you.