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GMAT Exam: Online Whiteboard How-to

Read our April 20 coronavirus roundup, with a new video explainer to help you master the GMAT Online Exam’s virtual whiteboard

Mon Apr 20 2020


You can now use a physical whiteboard for your GMAT Online Exam! 

Check out the specifications and our list of the best GMAT whiteboards.

Get familiar with the GMAT Online Exam’s online whiteboard

Last week, we announced the launch of the new Online GMAT Exam, along with online GMAT test prep tips and a Q&A with one of the test’s creators

For security reasons, you cannot take physical notes using pen and paper during the GMAT Online exam and instead need to use the online whiteboard provided onscreen when working out your quant calculations, for example.

Using an online whiteboard is something new for a lot of candidates used to jotting down complex calculations on a physical notepad. With this in mind, Stacey Koprince, from Manhattan Prep, explains how to best use the online whiteboard and practice ahead of time.

Online GMAT vs GRE

ClearAdmit have made a side-by-side comparison of the online GMAT and GRE tests including cost and technology requirements.


Screenshot from ClearAdmit

Is Udemy worth it?

There’s never been a better time to do an online course. Along with Coursera, Udemy is one of the biggest providers of online courses with 50 million students enrolled on Udemy courses globally. But is doing a Udemy course really worth it? Read the full article.

Business school deans speak out on coronavirus

We asked deans from Stanford, Oxford Saïd, Cambridge Judge and six other top business schools, to explain the business implications of the coronavirus pandemic.

GMAT and GRE test center closures

Remember you can keep up to date with the latest on testing suspensions, test center closures, and resumptions via our live feeds:

GRE test center closures