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Executive MBA Programs | 6 Things You'll Gain

Redefining career goals, being a leader for the future, harnessing international possibilities—here are six things you’ll gain from Executive MBA programs


Thu Jan 30 2020

You’re an experienced professional with a solid professional profile. So, where next? An Executive MBA (EMBA) could be the best next step—whether it's to develop your management skills, change industry, or even start your own business.

EMBA students, with more experience than their MBA counterparts, are looking for a number of things, from concrete career progression to c-suite aspirations. 

Here’s what you'll stand to gain from an executive MBA:

1. Leadership skills for the future


Leaders of the future must contend with a rapidly changing global landscape. This focus on dealing with disruptions in technology and society is a key part of EMBA programs, where experienced professionals can keep their knowledge up to date.

EMBA programs are providing leaders with the tools needed to tackle these changes—at NEOMA students can expect modules on positive leadership, commitment-driven leadership, and how to manage digital disruption.

It all comes down to future-proofing your leadership qualities, equipping you with the ability to withstand, and even predict, major shifts in the business landscape.

2. Return on investment

The cost of investing in an EMBA program can reach over $100,000. Graduates of EMBA programs, however, can look forward to salary increases, promotions, and bonuses. At NEOMA the average basic salary following the program is $131,602, with an average salary increase of 51%.

Return on investment goes much beyond the financial benefits too. The long-term gains in both personal development and international networking may prove indispensable.

The true value of investing in an EMBA is both instant gains for you and your employer, but also an investment that you will see continuing to pay off for many years of your career.

3. A talented global network

EMBA programs bring together a wide group of diverse individuals, both internationally and professionally, with a wealth of experience to collaborate and learn with.

In the EMBA classroom, there’s a good chance you’ll meet a group of ambitious students, a wide-reaching international network that could set you up for the rest of your career.

At NEOMA, 38% of the classroom have 16-to-20 years professional experience, while 31% have over 20 years’ experience. Students arrive from business and commerce, engineering, liberal arts, science, and numerous other industries.

This doesn’t stop after graduation—NEOMA graduates join a network of nearly 60,000 professionals in 127 countries, a vast and dynamic network stretching across the globe.

4. A career step-up

While you may already possess skills in a certain field, EMBA programs open doors to more  senior positions.

The Executive MBA curriculum comprises the necessary training for students looking for an in-depth understanding of corporate strategy, managerial skills, and high-level negotiations, for example.

Outside the curriculum are opportunities to learn from peers offering invaluable experience and knowledge, some of whom may be senior executives, existing CEOs, or vice presidents, who can help and advise on the next steps of your career.

5. Entrepreneurial skills

Your EMBA can work as a springboard for new entrepreneurial ventures, whether that’s acquiring or starting your own business. 

Skills like how to scale and grow your business taught on an EMBA make hatching a business plan during the program a realistic possibility. Developing your business model is a key reason many people choose an EMBA, and entrepreneurial spirit is positively encouraged.

NEOMA offer students the chance to draw up their own business plan for setting up a business. For entrepreneurs looking to kickstart their own business, NEOMA’s Incubator program provides the support of successful entrepreneurs to help guide and grow entrepreneurial ventures.

6. A global viewpoint


Global experience is important for any business leader, and it’s an integral part of an EMBA. Most programs offer the chance to learn in different countries.

At NEOMA, four international seminars are taught across four different continents. The EMBA takes students to Bangalore, Accra, London, and New York.

Whether learning how to embark on your entrepreneurial journey in New York, or the fundamentals of managerial finance in Bangalore, the global experience of an EMBA helps give graduates an international outlook.

The idea that learning ends in your twenties is old-fashioned. For professionals, even those with over 20 years of experience, it’s never too late to go back to business school.

Whether you’ve got your sights set on the c-suite, aspirations for starting your own business, or simply looking to refine your skills, an EMBA has a lot to offer.