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What Does Huawei's UK 5G Ban Mean For The Internet Of Things?

5G will be crucial for advanced Internet of Things (IoT) applications, and rollout delays could spell trouble for UK IoT innovation

Fri Sep 18 2020


The other challenges to Internet of Things development

While delayed 5G rollout could hold back advanced IoT applications, like autonomous vehicles and manufacturing systems, Krsto emphasizes that other hurdles are equally prescient.  

“The challenge here is one of collaboration between different players in the innovation ecosystem. How companies collaborate is going to determine what IoT applications will develop,” he says.

“There will be many other players involved [besides 5G providers] if we want to actually see these advanced IoT applications.”

Creating and operating autonomous cars is one area of IoT tech where this collaboration will be especially crucial. For the system to work, players including car manufacturers, software developers, cloud computing services, government regulators, and 5G network operators must figure out how to work in tandem.

This kind of collaboration could prove tricky if the UK follows the US’ lead in protectionist tech policies, turning away from foreign companies, warns Peter. 

“[The UK’s Huwawei ban] is part of a worrying spasm toward protectionism, nationalism, and the abandonment of international cooperation led by the Trump Administration,” he says. “This turning inward would slow innovation and productivity growth.” 

Despite these concerns, Krsto and Anindya remain optimistic about the future of IoT in the UK and Europe. Ericsson, for example, is already conducting research into how they can support IoT development. 5G is an important component, and Ericsson currently provides 5G networks in 32 countries.

“As a network manufacturer, they will not develop IoT technologies independently, but work with telecom operators and software companies so advanced IoT enabled services can materialize in the future,” Krsto explains. “That collaboration is happening.”

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