21 Tips To Becoming A Successful Businessperson, From MBAs

Who doesn’t want to be more successful? High-flying MBA students and graduates give you the lowdown on how to achieve your business career goals

Many of the world’s most influential people have one thing in common: an MBA. 

Sheryl Sandberg, George Bush, Shaquille O’Neal, even TV chef Ina Garten—they’ve all got one. 

It seems the course lends itself to any walk of life, as long as it’s success that’s on your lips. 

With this in mind, BusinessBecause has rounded up 21 top tips from high-flying MBA students and graduates on how to reach your full potential—and some of them may just surprise you.

tatiana1. Know yourself

Tatiana Arventi, Imperial College Business School

Tatiana joined Microsoft as a product marketing manager in September 2018, having completed the Full-time MBA program at Imperial College Business School in the same year. 

"Self-awareness is key to one’s success,” she says. “You need to objectively evaluate where you are in terms of skills and achievements, and where you want to be, what drives your ambitions and—most importantly—how to transform and develop yourself to get there.

“Sometimes, taking a step back to reflect on your career and retrain yourself might prove pivotal for long-term success."

jo 2

2. Promote yourself

Johanna Beer, Oxford Saïd Business School

Johanna has had a successful career as a consultant and director of the Oxford Seed Fund, and is currently studying for an MBA at Oxford Saïd Business School.

She is adamant that communicating one’s achievements and goals is essential.

“During my MBA, I chaired the Technology Society, and managed activities at the Oxford Seed Fund. Initially, these extracurricular efforts were not acknowledged—not until I started communicating my accomplishments,” she explains.

“These success stories facilitated a meeting with the McKinsey global managing director. Talking about my goals and achievements with him, I positioned myself for the kind of projects that will advance my career after my return to work".

nat 23. Tackle the status quo

Natalia Giovanoli, European School of Management and Technology (ESMT)

An MBA graduate from ESMT’s class of 2016, Natalia is a digital marketing manager with experience in luxury, hospitality, tourism and business services marketplaces.

Her tip?

"It is not our talent, education, or skills that lead to guaranteed success in business. People with a rigid mindset, those who believe that the current paradigm stays forever, are much less likely to flourish than those with an agile mindset,” she asserts.  

“Even subtle changes should propel you to question the status quo and be ready to adjust and adapt in order to thrive."

claudio 24. Grasp every opportunity

Claudio Romani, Alliance Manchester Business School

Having graduated from Alliance Manchester Business School last month, Claudio is now working in Rome as chief strategist at Resi, a telecommunications software company.

He says that you should embrace compelling opportunities early on in your career, even if you’re not certain of the outcome or how to execute a specific project.

“Try to set realistic and achievable goals every day that are aligned with your job description, and grab a coffee with your boss to seek feedback early on.

“Gathering an understanding of your organization’s vision, tackling problems, and presenting solutions are very important habits to...

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