21 Tips To Becoming A Successful Businessperson, From MBAs

Who doesn’t want to be more successful? High-flying MBA students and graduates give you the lowdown on how to achieve your business career goals

Juan18. Embrace your failures

Juan Pablo Brotfeld, Bath School of Management

Moving from Chile to the UK was done all in the name of an MBA for Juan. And, it all paid off—he’s now heading to London to work for a top marketing company.

But, he’s not naïve, and knows the importance of learning from past mistakes. His key tip for finding success?

“Failing is crucial, and something that one must encounter in order to succeed in every aspect of life,” he says.

“The key is to embrace your failures as learning curves and question yourself. What can be done better next time to avoid this? Failure comes with frustration, but also forces you to become stronger and more resilient. If you really want something, you’ve got to fight for it”.

Oliver, cass

19. Learn to act fast

Oliver Yogananthan, Cass Business School

“Decisiveness is a critical skill for any successful leader to have, whether in the wardroom or in the boardroom,” says US Navy Veteran and current MBA student at Cass Business School, Oliver.

"Per the US Navy’s definition, 'decisiveness means that you are able to make good decisions without delay'.

“In high pressure environments, a good leader is better off making a decent plan, rather than waiting for the 'perfect' plan to develop while the present situation simultaneously worsens. This, of course, applies to business. For me, the key to success, in any walk of life, is good decision making."

mari ito

20. Reel in your emotions

Mari Ito, Lancaster University Management School

Mari began her MBA journey at Lancaster University Management School after a six-year career at Mitsubishi.

Her tip is to master self-discipline. “Getting a grip on your emotions is crucial to becoming successful,” she asserts.

“Once you develop your career plan, stick to it. Although it may not be easy at the beginning, stop repeating bad habits and develop good ones. Self-discipline needs practice and repetition.

“The Lancaster MBA made me aware of my cognitive habits and I was able to rectify them. Essentially, self-discipline can be developed by recognizing your weaknesses and striving to change the way you act."

umair, fisher college

21. Covet clarity

Umair Sheriff, The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business

Clarity, says Fisher College of Business MBA graduate Umair, is tantamount to career success for any MBA. Indeed, for him, it’s meant a finance graduate position on the Zurich Insurance UK Leadership Development program.

"This clarity could be about the dream industry, role or location,” he explains. “You should take the time to answer these questions before you apply for colleges.

“Your time during the MBA will be limited, and if you have locked down your preferences before you start the program you will make the right trade-offs to land your dream career. This also helps you pick the university that is right for your aspirations.

“You can get this clarity by doing your own research, hiring career consultants, interviewing business professionals, and, most importantly, by knowing yourself better."

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