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6 Money-Saving Tips For MBA Candidates

Find out how to apply for an MBA and save money at the same time

Thu Oct 8 2020



However, Admissions Africa, for example, provides the same content and insights as its US and European peers at a fraction of the price.

Another great example is MBA Crystal Ball in India. The move to online caused by coronavirus has made this an accessible option, no matter where you are in the world. The price differential comes down to currency differences and market dynamics and not the quality of work. 

Saving money comes with a trade off in time and effort. You’ll need to compensate by making sure you have read up on every aspect of the application and that you don’t miss out on the extra advantages money can buy. While it is great to have an admissions consultant on your side, you can still successfully apply to business school without one. You’ll need to compensate with your own research and by reaching out to other people who can assist you.