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6 Money-Saving Tips For MBA Candidates

Find out how to apply for an MBA and save money at the same time

Thu Oct 8 2020



3. Skip campus visits

This depends of course on how far you are from said campus, but an international trip to visit a school is not actually essential. It’s a nice-to-have, helping you demonstrate commitment and get a feel for the place. If you do skip campus visits, you’ll have to compensate by demonstrating your commitment through research and engaging with students and alumni in your city or online. 

In our new COVID-10 world, campus visits are less common, levelling the playing field for those who can’t afford to jet across borders. Most business schools closed their campuses following the coronavirus outbreak and plans to reopen campuses for the next academic year, or continue learning online, vary globally.

Check out the latest COVID-19 campus updates for business schools in the United States and Europe

4. Join a mentorship program

There are a lot of amazing programs aimed at widening access to business school for under-represented groups. Project Access and The Forte Foundation are great examples of these. Even if you are not lucky enough to participate in an actual program, don’t underestimate how many alumni have a ‘pay it forward’ attitude. 

5. Find out about MBA application fee waivers

Don’t let the MBA application fee be a deterrent to getting into your dream school. Many schools will waive application fees if you have engaged with them (at fairs, for webinars, or in person). They are also likely to waive application fees if you are struggling financially. Either way, ask nicely and convey that the school means something to you, and this is not just a ploy to apply to a bunch of schools without paying. 

6. Cut costs without compromising on quality 

If you’re considering working with an MBA admissions consultant, know that lower prices don’t always mean lower quality. The top US-based admissions consultants, like Personal MBA Coach and Stacy Blackman Consulting, come at a premium price.