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6 Tips For A Better LinkedIn Profile

Applying to MBA programs? Find out how to make your LinkedIn profile an asset, not a liability

Sat Oct 3 2020


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6. Don’t get reckless in your quest for a stronger presence

A lot of what we’ve said so far puts the emphasis on ‘more’—more connections, more interactions, putting yourself in the spotlight more often. But if you post without due consideration, you may wind up with egg on your face. 

Make sure all your posts are professional and appropriate. Make sure any commentary is informed and relevant, and avoid interpersonal conflict.

Approach every potential contact on an individual basis. No one appreciates indiscriminate spam mail, nor is it much of a basis for a productive relationship going forward. What is it about the person that makes you want to forge a connection with them? Whether it’s that their achievements have caught your eye or if you just share a common interest, let them know about it.    

Your LinkedIn profile is going to come in handy as you build connections during and after your MBA, and when you reach out to employers. It is well worth the investment to put your best foot forward.