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6 Tips For A Better LinkedIn Profile

Applying to MBA programs? Find out how to make your LinkedIn profile an asset, not a liability

Sat Oct 3 2020


4. Work the network

Networking is the main function of LinkedIn, after all. Given the importance of social media and an online presence in today’s business environment, you’ve probably built an extensive network already, but the MBA process may be an opportunity to reach out in new directions. 

That you should be following leaders in your industry goes without saying, but you should also follow leaders in other fields in which you are strongly interested. This is especially true if you plan to use your MBA to branch out in new directions, or if you have ambitions to make a difference in social issues such as empowerment or eco-friendly innovation.

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Don’t be passive, either. Engage thoughtfully by commenting on articles and joining conversations if you have expertise to offer in a given area. Of course, never comment if you’re not 100% confident in what you’re saying, but on the other hand, don’t be afraid to ask (intelligent) questions. 

Connections and recommendations from within your industry—and in other areas where you’ve made an impact, such as your community—will demonstrate your active involvement. Ultimately, these may give admissions officers a better impression of your character than a mere list of your achievements would. Ask for brief testimonials from the people providing your recommendations, to demonstrate your qualities as a colleague, leader, innovator or community member. 

5. Follow your preferred school—and its alumni

Not only does following your preferred school demonstrate your interest, it will keep you up to date with any developments that might affect you (a particularly relevant point during COVID!) 

Participating in your school’s community will also give you a head start on one of the major benefits of an MBA: networking. You may even get to know some of your future classmates and professors. 

In addition, many alumni of top schools tend to remain in touch with the community, and a personal interaction online may open the door to further interaction. This is an especial advantage if your school has a particular focus on your industry or area of interest, as you may find a connection to industry forerunners.