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How My MBA Helped Me Launch My Own Record Label

The network Jon Fee found during his University of San Francisco MBA fuelled his career change—he now runs his own record label and left a finance job with BlackRock for a position with Salesforce

The 50-year career 

Jon is right at the beginning of his career with Salesforce, and he says he can see himself working there for the next 10 years of his 50-year career—the idea that you can keep inventing yourself over the course of five decades, and push yourself in new directions.  

“One day, I would love to teach the history of rock and roll,” he says. “I would love to teach management. I would love to teach marketing and basic finance courses. I definitely want to teach in the last decade of my career, when I’ve got a lot of life experience to share with students.  

He will also continue to work on growing Parks and Records; he’s hopeful his eldest son, who plays music, will one day become involved in the business.  

“Ultimately, I want to continue helping nonprofits and schools achieve their biggest ambitions,” Jon concludes. “It feels like a good place to be.” 

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