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Executive Education Rankings 2020 | Financial Times

We break down the latest Executive Education Rankings by the Financial Times, covering the best business schools for open enrolment courses and customized executive programs

It’s good news for IESE Business School in 2020's Financial Times Executive Education Rankings. The Spanish school tops the combined ranking of the best business schools for executive education for the sixth year in a row. 

Success in a crisis: IESE Tops FT Ranking

The release of the FT’s Executive Education ranking comes less than three weeks after top industry bodies—including the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), AACSB, and EFMD—suggested publishers suspend b-school rankings this year.

They argued coronavirus would alter key metrics that rankings institutions rely on to produce their respective data sets.

According to Unicon, a global consortium of business school-based organizations, the value of the global university-based executive education market was hovering at around $2 billion in 2019. That figure, which was on an upward...

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