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Stanford Tops Bloomberg MBA Ranking 2023-2024

Stanford once again ranks first in the 2023-2024 Bloomberg Businessweek best business schools ranking. Find out who else makes up the top 20

Fri Sep 15 2023

Stanford Graduate School of Business offers the best MBA program in the US for a fifth consecutive year, according to the 2023 Bloomberg Businessweek MBA ranking.

Chicago Booth follows Stanford in second place, while Dartmouth Tuck and Virginia Darden take joint third in Bloomberg's Best US B-Schools ranking.

The prestigious M7 Business Schools all feature in the top 10: Columbia stands in fifth place, Harvard and Kellogg School of Management in sixth and seventh, and Wharton in eighth. MIT Sloan places tenth in the 2023 ranking. 

The Bloomberg MBA ranking is based on five categories, with schools assessed on compensation, learning, networking, entrepreneurship, and diversity. Bloomberg takes an alternate approach from other top rankings such as the Financial Times MBA Ranking and QS, which survey alumni. Bloomberg bases its scores on responses from business schools. 

First, schools rank which category is most important to them. Then, a follow-up survey asks a range of questions, which are paired with employment and compensation data to give schools a score out of 100 and an overall rank in the table. 

Bloomberg MBA Ranking | 2023 Winners and Losers

Undeniably, the biggest winner of this year's ranking is the hardest US MBA to get into, Stanford.

Stanford takes the top spot for the fifth year in a row, scoring 86.8. Stanford's first-place rank is explained by its high scores across the different categories, scoring above 89 in learning and entrepreneurship—it comes first overall in entrepreneurship. 

Despite coming top, Stanford did see a drop in its scores, having scored into the 90s for compensation and entrepreneurship in 2022. 

While it scored in the low 70s for diversity, this wasn't enough to knock it off its podium, as others in the top 20 also scored lower for diversity. 

Harvard dropped in the ranking this year, having come joint second last year and third in 2021. While Harvard scored above 80 for all categories other than diversity, it saw no extremely high scores. 

Virginia Darden jumped up the table this year, from placing ninth in 2022 and 2021 to coming in joint third this year. Darden scored particularly well on learning, scoring first in that category of the top 20. 

Dartmouth Tuck fought back to second place after falling to fifth in 2022. Tuck scored first of the top 20 for compensation, with 89.9/100. Columbia is close on its tail with 89.1, and Chicago Booth is third for compensation with 88.9. 

Despite Georgia Tech Scheller being the lowest on the list, it scored top for networking, followed by Michigan Ross and Dartmouth Tuck. 

These business schools have lower scores for diversity compared with the other categories, with the top 20 schools scoring between 47 and 79.2. NYU Stern takes this top spot, followed by USC Marshall and MIT Sloan, while Scheller comes in at the other end. 

Bloomberg Best Business Schools 2023-24 MBA Ranking Top 20 

Bloomberg MBA ranking vs U.S. News and Financial Times

The Bloomberg MBA ranking's alternative methodology makes for an interesting comparison with rankings by U.S News & World Report and the Financial Times.

Despite the differences in the methodology, the top 10 schools are very similar. The Financial Times and U.S. News have six of the seven M7 business schools, the FT missing Wharton and U.S. News is missing Columbia. 

It is important to note that Wharton wasn't included in the FT's 2023 MBA ranking due to a lack of data.

All three rankings include the other five M7 Business Schools: Stanford, Chicago Booth, Harvard, Northwestern Kellogg, and MIT Sloan. 

Bloomberg's outliers from the FT are Virginia Darden, Dartmouth Tuck, and Michigan Ross. The FT includes Berkeley Haas, Cornell Johnson, and Duke Fuqua instead. 

Bloomberg's only differences to U.S. News are Columbia and Virginia Darden—U.S. News chose Yale and NYU Stern instead. 

Darden's strong showing in the Bloomberg MBA ranking at third is not matched by U.S. News or the FT, which rank the school 14th and joint 17th, respectively.

Top 10 US MBA Programs: Bloomberg vs U.S. News, Financial Times

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