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Most Affordable Online MBA Programs

Looking for a cheap online MBA? Studying a top online MBA doesn’t have to be expensive. We list seven of the most affordable online MBA programs which each cost less than $50k

Mon Mar 22 2021

Getting an Online MBA is now a viable option for professionals who want the flexibility to earn an MBA while still keeping their job and paying their bills.

Online MBAs are more popular than ever and the number of institutions offering these courses has skyrocketed in recent years. In the United States, there are over 32,000 students enrolled in the top 25 online MBA programs alone.

With so many different offerings, finding the right program is a difficult task. There are many different factors you need to consider, like accreditation, brand reputation, and opportunities for career advancement.

Perhaps the most important is cost. Online MBAs don’t have to break the bank and there are relatively cheap online MBA options out there. 

Here, we highlight seven of the most well-rounded, most affordable online MBA programs around the world, which each cost less than $50,000:

7 Affordable Online MBA Programs

Alliance Manchester Business School 

Cost: $41,000 (£30,000) 

cc844d85d7f7879e6688896b991a26a9e6f600ba.png © Alliance Manchester Business School Facebook

Alliance Manchester Business School’s online MBA is taught through six 30-day modules. They blend coursework with module long simulation projects, giving students the ability to practice with the same concepts they are learning the same day they learn them, in simulated real-world scenarios. They are also known for having internationally diverse online class.

Florida State University 

Cost: $31,599

537c503545c0602f5f8b99183f7400378ee38abf.png © Florida State University Facebook

Florida State offers their online MBA program as a two-year course and will cost roughly $43,000 max. The program is taught by the same professors that you would see as a full-time MBA student is geared towards commandeering full-time professionals. This program is ranked among the best in the US for military veterans by US News.

Globis University 

Cost: $28,000 (¥3,078,000)

aa862c5b58ff866414482f6beab6a6a1ce21e924.png © Globis University Facebook

Globis University, in Tokyo, Japan, calls itself Asia’s first live online MBA program. This means that students are live streamed directly into the classroom and they are afforded the same level of interaction with the professor and peers as the students on site. They champion themselves on flexibility, allowing the student to completely schedule their entire online MBA experience.

Swiss School of Business and Management 

Cost: $8,300 (€7,000) 

24af511468ce1fa0e46b50f197ff36e5cbe5a55f.png © Swiss School of Business and Management Facebook

Looking for a really cheap online MBA? The Swiss School of Business and Management offers a 60-credit course than can be completed in 12 months for just $8,500. They employ the same online platform as both MIT and Harvard and offer either taking modules at your own pace or streaming into a live lecture. They offer three different levels of online MBA courses: standard, global, and executive MBA, depending on how in depth you choose to go. 

University of Illinois 

Cost: $21,744

784e74ef1bec7bd2d85aa72a25f049a2ce372fbf.png © University of Illinois Facebook

For an estimated total of $22,000 you can earn an iMBA from an institution ranked by employers as in the top five places to recruit, according to the Wall Street Journal. They combine an immersive online experience with the same MBA staff that students use on site, in addition to regular seminars from some of the top companies in the world of business. 

University of Wisconsin

Cost: $29,000

4370cad5768a6a22719e19d2a38a2a694ddc57e2.png © University of Wisconsin Facebook

The University of Wisconsin MBA consortium programs offers prospective students the opportunity to earn an MBA from one of the US’s best public business programs 100% online. In around three years you can earn you degree from US News and World Report’s ninth top-ranked online MBA program for a grand total of just $29,000. 

University of Warwick 

Cost: $47,000 (£34,150)

3606f057b5bbbbb1d6913db97dad465237e73a2a.png © Warwick School of Business Facebook

The University of Warwick offers students a two-year fully online MBA course, ranked best in the world in the Financial Times Online MBA Ranking 2021. One interesting aspect for those who live feasibly close to the university is that although the program can be completed fully online, they also offer students the opportunity to take some courses on campus, blending the two experiences. 

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This article was written by John Karageorge of MBA Insights. It was first published in March 2020 and updated in March 2021.

Student Reviews

Alliance Manchester Business School




On Campus

The course structure

The course is well structured and organised effectively. Every subject in the field of international business is covered in the course module. The lectures are of excellent quality and are simple to comprehend.   ·      The lecturers are also very knowledgeable about their subjects, quite thorough, and very helpful when it comes to answering questions and giving additional information on their subject.   ·      Students can easily access the assignment, lectures, and seminar content thanks to the blackboard technology. Students also benefit greatly from the reading materials that are posted on the blackboard.




On Campus

Practical Business Experience

3 live consulting projects, Non-for-Profit consulting, Commercial Business Consulting and International Business Consulting projects within the programme, provide us with a great opportunity to exposure to the real business world.




Quality education and student support system

What I love about The University of Manchester is the fact that, alongside with the excellent education it provides, it also takes care of the well being of the students and supports them throughout the year.




Endless networking opportunities!

I would 100% recommend this university! Throughout my 4 years there I received endless guidance and support from the amazing staff; both professors and student support teams. A particular highlight was the insightful guest lectures, networking employability events and career meetings, these significantly helped in preparing me for my future career.




Fantastic University!

AMBS provides excellent teaching and outstanding facilities, both of which combine to make a great learning experience. The teaching staff make sure we have plenty of resources to aid our learning, and always make sure we are making the most of our studies. The business building itself is the most impressive on campus, and provides plenty of places in which we can work.




Great facilities and support

It is a great university that provides extra support for its students. The teachers are very helpful and willing to support you and the environment is just great. It offers good facilities, study spaces and workshops that can help in your experience as a student.




New building, innovative teaching methods

The staff is very well prepared and pays a lot of attention to the student. The building is new and full of updated facilities. Teachers propose intriguing learning methods and there are plenty of international students to learn from.




It's an amazing University!

I think that AMBS is among the most well rounded universities in the UK. The cultural diversity among the students as well as the faculty is what catches my attention the most. The campus is very new and beautiful and has all kinds of facilities.




Quality and QS World Ranking

AMBS has the diverse set of batch where the students get the opportunity to mingle with the students coming from different parts of the world. The group of faculty is also very diverse having different skill set. I'd always recommend it for studying masters in business analytics.