Cornell MBA Gets STEM Designation & Harvard Offers Deferment For Incoming MBAs

Read our April 27 coronavirus roundup, as there’s big news from the MBA programs at Harvard Business School and Cornell SC Johnson College of Business

April 27 Roundup

Cornell MBAs get STEM-certified

Two Ithaca-based Management Science MBA programs at the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business have received STEM designation, taking the total number of STEM-designated programs at the school to five. The Class of 2021 in both programs will be the first to graduate under this new certification.

Johnson’s portfolio of STEM-designated programs now includes:

Two-Year Management Science MBA

One-Year Management Science MBA

Johnson Cornell Tech MBA: based in New York City

MPS in Management: provides students who have a non-business undergraduate degree with the rigorous business management education of a top MBA program.

MPS in Management – Accounting Specialization

STEM-designated programs are classified as such by the US government for their focus on science and technology. International students on an F-1 visa who pursue one of these programs are eligible for what is known as a STEM OPT (Optional Practical Training) extension, enabling them to work in their field for a total of up to 36 months in the US without an H-1B work visa.

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Cass Business School offers free coaching to doctors

London’s Cass will provide free coaching and resources to doctors and medical leaders during the coronavirus pandemic.

Harvard Offers Deferment for Incoming MBAs

Harvard Business School has announced it will offer deferment to incoming MBAs who want to delay their studies because of coronavirus, according to one report.

Admits will have a window between May 15th and June 1st to request a deferral to start the full-time MBA program in 2021—or potentially even later—instead of this fall. HBS will no longer accept deferral requests after June 1st.

The news comes as MBA programs are impacted by coronavirus with classes shifting online. HBS students who are happy to delay their plans and don’t want to risk jeopardizing their full-time MBA experience—studying on-campus, international trips and the like—may be drawn to defer.

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Coronavirus FAQs

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