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9 Top Companies For An Internship During Your Master’s

Undertaking an internship during your master’s degree is a great way to gain experience and could even lead to a full-time job with top companies like EY, TikTok, or Morgan Stanley

Tue Nov 14 2023

For bachelors grads with little or no work experience, its sure to feel daunting entering the world of work. 

You may not know where you want your career to take you, or may feel like you don’t yet have a polished enough skillset to take on the rapidly-changing business landscape. 

That’s why many business master’s programs include internship opportunities. You’ll be able to gain experience at top companies and discover which industry you want to launch your career. 

Popular career routes for business master's grads consulting, finance, and tech. In these sectors, many big-name, multinational companies offer internships for students, including Microsoft, Ernst & Young, and Bain & Company. 

Who knows, if you impress during your internship, you may even secure a full-time role before you graduate. 

1. EY internship

One of the Big Four accountancy firms, Ernst & Young offers global internship opportunities for business master’s students. The EY Launch Internship offers the chance to rotate across different functions in professional services to discover which is the right fit.

Students that are part of groups championing diversity and inclusion such as the National Association of Black Accountants (NABA) or the Hispanic Business Students Association (HBSA) are strongly encouraged to apply. 

2. Adidas internship

If you want to gain experience at one of the biggest sportswear brands in the world—worth $23.5 billion—then look no further. Business master’s students can intern at Adidas' global headquarters in Germany as well as offices in Portland and Amsterdam for six-month programs. 


ship opportunities vary by function and differ at each location. Some areas include accounting and finance, eCommerce, marketing and communication, or supply chain management. 

3. Accenture internship

Accenture is Global Fortune 500 Information Technology (IT) and consulting company which partners with big companies such as Microsoft and Google. 

During the summer-long Accenture Internship Program, you’ll be assigned to a project across the division best suited to your skills and interests. This could be in strategy and consulting, technology, or operations. 

Mariana Montalvo was studying the Master in Business Management at EGADE Business School when she secured her Accenture internship. 

It was here she was introduced to the new technology of UX Design and started to realize her future career path. Mariana was invited back after interning for an intensive training program, and then offered a full-time role.  

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4. TikTok internship

Booming social media platform TikTok has taken the digital world by storm. During a TikTok internship, you could see behind the scenes in worldwide locations from North America to Asia-Pacific to Europe and the Middle East. 

Michael Salloum landed a TikTok internship working as a strategy associate during the Master in Management program at HEC Paris. 

In his role, Michael worked across teams to build bridges and drive business forward in areas such as market research, data analysis, and identifying key blockers.

“Seeing the growth of a tech giant from the inside was a really great experience,” he says. 

5. KPMG internship

Big Four firm KPMG specializes in finance, tax, and technology consulting services. The company offers three to nine month work placements across Ireland as well as summer programs and global opportunities. 

After a KPMG internship, you may be able to progress even further with the company as 80% of interns are also offered a place on the graduate program. 

Master’s grads who secure a full-time role with KPMG can expect a base salary of $78,000 per year. 

6. Global Green Growth Institute internship

The Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) is an international, inter-governmental organization committed to transitioning toward green growth. Its policies center around reducing poverty, social inclusion, sustainability, and economic growth especially in developing countries. 

Cristina Villaveces studied the specialized Master in Energy Management at ESCP Business School which integrates a minimum four-month internship. 

She landed an internship with the Global Green Growth Institute.

“I was responsible for conducting research and developing profiles for countries the organization wanted to build relationships with. I also helped develop funding proposals by researching key sectors, project interventions, and country context,” Cristina says. 

As Cristina was finishing her internship, she then received a full-time job offer for a consultant position.

7. Microsoft internship

A Microsoft internship is sure to boost your resume for a career in tech. There are opportunities for students all around the world from Australia to Southeast Asia to Europe.

Interns can gain experience in areas such as finance, UX design, supply chain, and marketing. 

Leonardo Deschaseaux secured his dream Microsoft internship when studying the Master in Management at emlyon Business School. 

For six months, he worked in the marketing partnerships department for the Azure Cloud service assisting partners to strategize business solutions using this technology. 

If you want to land an internship at Microsoft, Leonardo says that its not just about the most impressive academic performance. 

“Microsoft are much more focused on the person—you have to show you’re willing to work, to be motivated, and have the social skills for that environment,” he says.

8. Morgan Stanley internship

US investment bank Morgan Stanley is ranked as the fourth best bank to work for in 2023 by Vault. 

With firms all over the world, you could land a Morgan Stanley internship during your master’s in cities such as Budapest, Paris, or New York. These include working in risk management, quantitative finance, or wealth management. 

If your business master’s program includes a summer internship, or you just want to gain the experience yourself, Morgan Stanley also offers summer programs for students. Ares currently accepting applications for 2024 include sales and trading, technology, human resources, and more. 

9. Bain & Company internship 

Big Three management consulting firm Bain & Company is recognized as one of the best companies to work for

It’s no surprise too when looking at the impressive salaries. If you impress during your internship, master’s degree grads can expect to earn around $112,000. 

Elsa Nordstroem secured a Bain internship whilst studying the Master’s in Strategy and International Management (SIM) at the University of St Gallen. 

During the internship, she travelled to both Brussels and Zurich. 

“In Brussels, I was put on a case right away—I feel like I was really brought along, like I was part of the team,” Elsa says. 

Undertaking an internship during your master's degree will add to your experience in so many ways. You'll not only gain professional experience and boost your employability but could get the chance to travel all over the world and build an international network. Many business school programs offer internship opportunities so make sure to do your research and find the right fit for you. 

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