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BCG, McKinsey & 25 Top Consulting Firms With The Highest Salaries

Want a big consultant salary? From BCG to McKinsey, we highlight the highest-paying consulting companies from the Vault list of top consulting firms

By  Matt Kefford

Tue Feb 22 2022

One of the biggest attractions of working in the management consulting industry is the tasty compensation: consultant salary, bonuses, equity and other perks like health insurance. But which firms have the highest paid consultants? 

Each year, Vault produces a ranking of the best consulting firms to work for. The Vault consulting ranking is based on surveys of current employees. The main factors are prestige, firm culture, satisfaction, compensation, work-life balance and level of challenge. Vault also breaks down each metric into a separate ranking. 

Highest-paying consulting firms

The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) retains its spot in the Vault ranking as the best consulting firm by compensation in 2022. BCG, along with fellow Big Three firms, McKinsey & Company and Bain & Company, increased consultant salaries this year

BCG consultants say the firm leads the industry with generous packages and a transparent pay scheme, with employees aware of their pay structure and how it compares with their colleagues’ salary. 

One anonymous employee says: “BCG is consistently the leader in consulting compensation. All major compensation increases over the last five years have been led by BCG.” Despite the firm’s strong compensation performance, BCG fell behind both Bain and McKinsey in...

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