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MBAs Jobs Prospects Strong Despite Coronavirus, Says Top Careers Director

MBA students at Georgetown University's top-ranked McDonough School of Business are still finding jobs during coronavirus

Support from McDonough School of Business 

Georgetown has an ethos of Hoyas Helping Hoyas––and Doreen says this has been shown tenfold by McDonough alumni who are supporting current full-time MBA students.  cfb758deda87685495f6814c5c43b497565f0d37.JPG

“It’s been amazing,” she says. “Jobs, internships, and short-term virtual projects have been posted. Resume books have been requested. Hoyas have offered to open their LinkedIn networks, conduct virtual mentoring, deliver technical training, and provide industry insights.” 

Doreen’s role, fortunately, is just as impactful online. She explains the MBA career center is fully operational and offers virtual interview practice––online networking events and coffee chats––as virtual networking becomes the new norm. 

"Through Zoom, we can seamlessly share documents, such as cover letters or resumes, conduct mock interviews, and hold job search strategy sessions. Zoom also works well for presentations, webinars, and career programming.”  

So, according to Doreen, there are still plenty of opportunities for MBA graduates this summer––you’ve just got to be a little bit more creative in your approach.