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The 25 Best MBA Programs For Women

Best Women MBAs! We list the 25 business schools with the best representation of women on their MBA programs

By  Bethany Garner

Tue Feb 15 2022


At many business schools around the world, women MBA students are gradually climbing toward equal representation. But some schools have gone above and beyond to boost the number of women in their classrooms.

According to the Forté Foundation, which improves women’s access to business education, 41% of MBA students at its partner schools were women in 2021. But it could be some time before many MBA programs achieve gender parity.

That's despite the benefits that women can reap from the qualification. Data from Forté shows that 95% of MBA graduates said the program improved their confidence, which is crucial for success in the workplace.

The study also found that MBAs increase earning potential by up to 65% over five years, which can go a long way toward women achieving equal pay to their male counterparts. 

With so many benefits, top business schools across the world are doing what they can to attract more women to their programs, with varying degrees of success. In the US, schools in the Financial Times’ (FT) top 100 rankings have an average of 39.6% women in their MBA cohorts, while China pulls ahead in 2022 with an average 54%.

A handful of top schools have managed to attain close to—or even higher than—50% women on their MBAs. 

View our list of the 25 best MBAs for women or read on for a break down of each school in the list.  

Top 25

25. Stanford Graduate School of Business

44% female students

Stanford is the gold standard of MBA programs, and the school has been making efforts to recruit more women to the program. A powerful network of female alumni support current students, who can also get involved in the Women in Management society.

Stanford is also home to the Clayman Institute for Gender Research, which develops new ways to advance gender equality in the workplace and beyond.

24. University of Toronto: Rotman

45% female students


The latest MBA cohort at Canada’s Rotman School of Management had 45% female students, bringing it close to gender parity. At Rotman, the Initiative for Women in Business supports women’s career development through seminars and workshops on various aspects of leadership. 

The school’s board also comprises an impressive 44% women. 

23. Alliance Manchester Business School

45% female students

The MBA cohort at this UK business school is also moving toward gender parity. At Alliance Manchester, 45% of MBA students and 31% of faculty are women.

The school’s regular Women Leading in Business Talks and Women in Business MBA Student Council aims to support women in and beyond the classroom.

22. Edhec Business School

46% female students


Edhec’s proportion of female MBA students is rising, but what’s perhaps more impressive is that the school has managed to achieve full gender parity on its board, which comprises 50% women.

As well as offering a diverse classroom, at Edhec female MBA students can access the Women in Leadership scholarship, which offers a 30% reduction in fees to support women in business. 

21. Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management 

46% female students


At Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management in Beijing, 46% of MBA students, and 33% of faculty are women. 

Where the school lags behind in 2022, however, is board membership. Just 7% of its board are women.

20. ESCP Business School

46% female students


One of France’s top MBA programs, ESCP Business School’s MBA is also well on its way toward gender parity. In 2022, 46% of MBA students were women, as well as 63% of its board and 38% of its faculty.

ESCP has been making efforts to attract more women to its MBA through initiatives including the Women in Leadership Scholarship.

19. CUHK Business School 

46% female students


Based in the culturally diverse metropolis of Hong Kong, CUHK Business School is also making strides in gender diversity. 

46% of the MBA cohort enrolling in 2022 are women, as are around a third of its faculty and board members. When they arrive at CUHK, female MBA students can join a network of other professional women through the Women in Business Club. 

18. Ohio State University: Fisher

46% female students


Fisher College of Business is one of many US schools trying to increase gender diversity in the MBA classroom. Fisher is a Forté partner school, and also offers several Women in Leadership events throughout the academic year. 

The school’s efforts are paying off, with 46% of this year’s cohort comprising female students.

17. University of Michigan: Ross

46% female students


Michigan’s Ross school of business is also climbing towards gender parity, with a 46% female MBA class in 2022. Female ambassadors in the program have created a welcoming atmosphere for incoming women MBAs, while the Michigan Business Women club helps support female leaders when they reach campus. 

There’s room for more change within the school’s board, however—just 13% of members are women. 

16. Dartmouth College: Tuck

46% female students  


At Dartmouth Tuck School of Business, 46% of MBA students are women as of 2022. 

The school is committed to attracting even more women to the program through initiatives like the Woman in Business conference, and gender-based scholarships. 

15. Harvard Business School

46% female students


Ranked number three in this year’s global MBA rankings, Harvard Business School is also edging its way closer to gender parity in the classroom.

46% of its MBA students, and 30% of its faculty, are women. Meanwhile, events like the annual Dynamic Women in Business Conference bring women in leadership positions to campus to discuss the challenges they face in the workplace, and how to overcome them.

14. Boston University Questrom School of Business 

48% female students


At Boston’s Questrom school of business, 48% of MBA students are women. Female representation in the faculty is also strong at 35%—one of the highest figures among schools to make this list.

Questrom makes strong efforts to connect current students with female mentors in positions of leadership.

13. National University of Singapore Business School

48% female students


Also climbing toward gender equity in the classroom is National University of Singapore (NUS) Business School, where 48% of MBA students are women as of 2022.

The school also employs 31% female faculty, and a fifth of its board members are women. 

12. Duke University's Fuqua School of Business

48% female students

Fuqua School of Business snagged a top 20 spot in this year’s global MBA rankings, and the school is also making strides in gender parity.

In 2022, 48% of its MBA students were women; a marked improvement from four years ago when the figure stood at 34%. Initiatives like the annual Women’s Leadership Weekend, which brings prospective and current female students together, have fostered an inclusive environment.

11. Politecnico di Milano School of Management

49% female students


Italy’s Politecnico di Milano (MIP) is just one percentage point away from achieving gender parity in its MBA program, which currently comprises 49% female students.

50% of board members, and 41% of its faculty are also women. Female applicants to the MIP MBA are eligible for the school’s Women in Business Scholarship. 

The Top 10

10. Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Management

49% female students

Kellogg was the first top 10 school to appoint a female dean, Sally Blount, in 2010, so it comes as no surprise that it has retained a spot as having one of the best MBA programs for women. 

In 2022, 49% of the MBA class, and 44% of the board, were women. Initiatives like Manbassadors also help men at Kellogg to join the conversation about gender diversity. 


50% female students


At number nine is CEIBS. This Shanghai-based business school has achieved gender parity in its 2022 MBA cohort, at 50% female students. 

50% of CEIBS’ board are also women, along with 32% of its faculty. CEIBS is also supporting women in business beyond the MBA. It’s Women in Leadership program brings together women and male allies to study key issues for women in business, and explore gender relations in the professional world.

8. Essec Business School

51% female students


Essec Business School has managed to achieve gender parity in its MBA classroom for several consecutive years, and 2022 is no different.

51% of this year’s MBA cohort are women, as well as 56% of its board and 36% of its faculty. ESSEC performs consistently well for gender diversity, and  part of the reason is the network that women are offered. The school’s Women’s MBA Network offers a place where professional women can foster mutually beneficial relationships.

7. Shanghai Jiao Tong University: Antai

51% female students 

Antai business school has managed to achieve gender parity on its MBA program once again in 2022, retaining the 51% female class it had in 2019 and 2020.

The Shanghai-based school has also been successful in promoting female leadership among its research and teaching staff, hiring 33% female faculty. 

6. University of Pennsylvania: Wharton

52% female students  


Wharton has been climbing toward equal representation in the MBA classroom for some time, and the efforts being made to attract more women students are paying off.

In 2022, 52% of Wharton’s MBA cohort were women, and the school is also a Forté Foundation partner, meaning that promising female applicants can attend on a Forté women in business scholarship. 

5. Singapore Management University: Lee Kong Chian

54% female students 


SMU’s Lee Kong Chian business school has achieved gender parity on its MBA program, currently sitting at 54%. 

This is a significant leap from just a few years ago. In 2019, 33% of SMU’s MBA students were women. SMU also has one of the highest proportions of female board members, at 43%.

4.  George Washington University

57% female students 

In the George Washington University MBA, women are in the majority—accounting for 57% of the 2022 MBA cohort. 

The school is a Forté partner, and 29% of faculty are female.

The Top 3

3. Sungkyunkwan University GSB

58% female students


With 58% female students and 54% female board members, South Korea’s Sungkyunkwan Graduate School of Business is another attractive MBA program for women.

2020 marked the first year that the school achieved gender parity on its MBA program. In 2019, 45% of its MBA cohort were women.

2. Fudan University School of Management

64% female students 


Fudan is one of four Chinese schools to crack the top 10 for female representation, continuing the trend of Chinese schools performing better for gender equality than their American counterparts.

In 2022, 64% of Fudan’s MBA cohort was female—higher than the 55% it achieved in 2020. Meanwhile, at 34%, Fudan’s proportion of female faculty has remained steady. 

One area where Fudan falls down is the percentage of women on its board. In 2020, this stood at just 6%—the lowest of all schools on this list.  

 1. Tongji University School of Economics and Management

77% female students 

Another Chinese business school takes the lead when it comes to female representation in the classroom. Located in Shanghai, China. Tongji University School of Economics and Management attracted a cohort that consisted of 77% women in 2022.

Tongji has also achieved an above average proportion of female faculty at 37%, and a board comprising 29% women. 

It’s an impressive outing for the school’s first entrance into the Financial Times’ Global MBA rankings. 

The data in this article is taken from the Financial Times’ Global MBA Rankings 2022. The images are sourced from school Facebook pages.