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Are Google Career Certificates Worth It?

Google offers short courses in topics including data analytics, project management, and UX design. But is studying for Google Career Certificates worth the effort?

Mon Apr 26 2021

Research shows that a third of US workers lack the digital skills needed to succeed in today’s economy. To aid with upskilling efforts, in 2018, Google launched its Google Career Certificates as part of its ‘Grow With Google’ initiative.

‘Grow With Google’ is a scheme created by the tech giant in order to close the digital skills gap by providing training, tools, and expertise at a lower cost compared with traditional higher education. 

These online certificate programs are designed to help you upskill and advance your career or land a new job in what Google has identified as high-growth fields. 

Google certificates join the likes of The Quantic MBA and ThePowerMBA in providing alternative routes to business education.

So what can you gain from Google Career Certificates? What subjects do they cover? And are they worth the effort or the cost?

Google Career Certificates: What are they?

You don't need a degree to pursue Google Career Certificates, which are delivered entirely online on Coursera.

The courses are flexible, require under 10 hours of flexible study per week, and they use hands-on projects and direct employer connections to help you grasp the requirements of the subject area. They can be completed in less than six months.

In creating these courses, Google had certain priorities. Each program had to provide a path to a high-demand job with high entry-level wages, be in an area where Google has expertise, and be able to be taught in an online format. 

The programs designed to help learners start their careers are:

- Google Cybersecurity

- Data Analytics

- Digital Marketing

- IT Support

- Project Management

- UX Design

Google also offers more in-depth courses for professionals with existing experience to advance their careers. The topics these cover are 

- Advanced Data Analytics

- Business Intelligence

- IT Automation


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