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The Top 15 Companies That Sponsor H1B Visas

It's the visa that allows international MBA talent to stay and work in the US after graduation. Find out the top companies that sponsor H-1B visas

Thu Sep 21 2023


The H-1B visa is your ticket to stay and work in the US after you graduate, and H-1B visa sponsorship is a highly coveted route to post-graduate employment for international students.

You can stay in the US for up to three years on an H-1B visa, which can then be extended for a further three years.

To get an H-1B visa, you need to be sponsored by an employer, who will petition the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) on your behalf.

The list of the top companies that sponsor H-1B visas is dominated by tech companies, a sign of how the market for talent has shifted towards the industry in recent years. 

Today, tech is a top career path for b-school grads, that’s despite widespread layoffs that swept the industry early in 2023

Here are the top 15 companies that sponsor H-1B visas*, based on visas approved in 2022:

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15. Deloitte 

705 visas approved

It’s one of the prestigious Big Four accounting and professional services firms, and Deloitte regularly ranks among the most desirable employers for b-school students.  

A recruiter of top international talent across its accounting and consulting businesses, it’s no surprise that Deloitte was one of the largest sponsors of H-1B visas in 2022. 

14. Intel 

856 visas approved

One of the world’s largest producers of semiconductor chips, Intel is a multinational tech company headquartered in California.

Operating in a highly competitive space where innovation is key, Intel is regularly on the hunt for top global talent. H-1B visa sponsorship is a key tool by which the firm bolsters its ranks. 

13. Apple

930 visas approved

Apple is one of the largest tech companies in the world, and you don’t get to a market valuation of more than $2 trillion without top talent in the ranks.

The firm consistently hires grads from top schools like Duke Fuqua, Harvard Business School, and NYU Stern.

With tech companies consistently hiring MBA graduates each year, expect the number of H-1B visa petitions to remain strong in the coming years at Apple. 

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12. Microsoft 

1,008 visas approved

Microsoft hires swaths of MBA and business masters graduates every year into a broad range of areas including product management, business intelligence, and marketing. 

With plenty of leadership positions open for top talent in the firm, it’s no surprise Microsoft ranks among the top companies that sponsor H-1B visas.

11. Wipro Limited 

1,003 visas approved

With an international headquarters based in East Brunswick, New Jersey, Wipro Limited employs more than 250,000 people in 66 countries around the world. 

An Indian multinational looking for international MBA talent in the US, the firm is a global information technology, consulting, and outsourcing company. 

10. Capgemini 

1,066 visas approved

Consulting is one of the top three industries that attracts MBA talent every year and Capgemini is among the highest paying consulting firms globally. 

The company is another in the realm of digital solutions consulting, and focuses heavily on consulting, digital transformation, tech, and engineering services. It hires MBA and business masters grads annually. 

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2112b403825ae36bdd17a9ed8e427e59b629f140.png ©MIT Sloan / Facebook

9. Accenture 

1,082 visas approved

With a wide array of focus areas like customer experience, sustainability, automation, supply chain management, tech innovation, and data and analytics, Accenture is a great place to hone your skills post-MBA.

The firm also has a dedicated internal training program that means learning is constantly available across different industries, functions, and technologies. 

8. HCL America 

1,170 visas approved

HCL offers computer programming solutions, ideal for MBA graduates wanting to accelerate or pivot their careers towards cutting edge technology.

It works across industries, covering areas like the automotive industry, aerospace and defense, media and entertainment, healthcare, and capital markets.

The firm had an initial 1,170 H-1B visa petitions approved in 2022.

7. IBM 

1,236 visas approved

IBM is a top MBA employer with a highly skills-led approach to hiring. Insiders at the firm say landing a place at IBM is contingent on your ability to work with tech and adapt with change, as well as having a curiosity to learn. 

IBM focuses on design and business strategy, tech support, and talent management, meaning there are options for talented international MBAs at the firm across a wide range of business areas.

6. Meta 

1,378 visas approved

Another big tech firm on this list snapping up international MBA talent is Facebook owner, Meta. New H-1B sponsored hires at the firm can join one of the company’s many offices across the US, including the cutting-edge 430,000 headquarters in Menlo Park. 

With the business constantly introducing new product lines, including pioneering the Metaverse, there are plenty of opportunities for MBA talent at the firm.

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©Stanford University/ Facebook

5.  Google

1,562 visas approved

One of a select few companies with a market cap above $1 trillion, Google is a top destination for international MBA grads looking to secure H-1B visas after business school. 

H-1B visa sponsorship at Google is likely for international talent—the firm had 1,562 initial approvals in 2022. It regularly hires MBA and business masters grads into roles such as product manager, project manager, marketing manager, and finance business partner. 

4. Cognizant Technology Solutions US 

2,447 visas approved

By this point you’ve probably realized the thread that runs through the list of top companies that sponsor H-1B visas: technology. Sitting just outside of the top three is another business consulting, IT and outsourcing firm, Cognizant, which approved 2,447 visas in 2022. 

3. Tata Consultancy Services 

2,722 visas approved

Kicking off the top three companies that sponsor H-1B visas is Tata Consultancy Services.

The Indian multinational has a keen focus on app development, capacity planning, consulting, payment processing, software management, and technology education services.

If you’re an international MBA graduate looking to stay in the US after business school, Tata is definitely a firm worth looking at.

2. Infosys

3,117 visas approved

Infosys is a leader in next-generation digital services and consulting. The firm is headquartered in Bangalore, India, but is a top hirer of international MBA talent in the US.

H-1B visa sponsorship at Infosys should be a target of international grads who want to work at the intersection of present and future tech advancements. The firm had more than 3,000 H-1B visa petitions initially approved in 2022.

1. Amazon 

3,296 visas approved (Seattle only)

Amazon hires waves of MBA graduates every year, so much so that H-1B visa approvals at the firm are split among the company’s several divisions and headquarters. 

It’s no surprise, then, that the firm tops the list. Amazon has two headquarters in the US: the longstanding HQ in Seattle where a huge 3,296 visas were approved, and HQ2 in Arlington, Virginia, where 715 H-1B visas were granted in 2022. 

International MBA grads can land jobs at Amazon in an array of areas, from finance and retail to product and program management. They join a firm with a unique culture, including free community banana stands and a dog friendly environment. 

One thing is clear: tech companies are a good place for international MBA graduates to look for post-business school careers. 

Although the H-1B visa lottery doesn’t guarantee everyone who applies for a visa will stay in the US, there are clear benefits to targeting the top companies that sponsor H-1B visas.

For more information on how to launch your career with one of these top companies, including free advice from b-school careers experts, download our BusinessBecause Careers Guide: What's Next After Business School?

*Data for this article was sourced from the United States Citizenship & Immigration Services, for the 2022 fiscal year. Figures reported are the number of H-1B petitions granted initial approval.

This article was first written by Thomas Nugent in 2021 and is updated annually.