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6 Jobs Which Most Value An MBA

Considering an MBA? Find out which jobs most value candidates with MBA degrees, the salaries they offer, and the best business schools for your chosen career path

Mon Jul 27 2020


An MBA degree can open doors to a broader range of exciting roles than you might expect at first glance. Who knows, it might just be the ticket to your dream job. 

Network, leadership skills, and expert business knowledge; these are just some of the ways an MBA can give you the edge over other job applicants. 

And employers love MBAs! An overwhelming majority of employers globally say their business school hires were primed for success, and that an MBA helped foster the skills they value the most, from data analytics to teamwork. 

So which jobs most value applicants with an MBA degree?

Jobs Which Most Value An MBA

1. Management consultant

Salary: $140,000- $185,000 

Top Employers: McKinsey, Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Deloitte 

Top Consulting Schools: INSEAD, HEC Paris, London Business School, Harvard Business School

Management consulting firms are always on the lookout for top talent, snapping up 20% of Harvard’s MBA cohort every year, and over a third of INSEAD’s MBAs.  

In management consultancy, you’ll get the chance to implement business strategies and manage projects across a broad range of fields, giving you experience in a variety of sectors. This role is all about the bigger picture, and an MBA can help broaden your horizons far beyond your industry specialty. Seeing things on this macro level often gives you the edge in creating innovative management plans.


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2. Financial analyst 

Salary: $125,000- $220,000

Top Employers: Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley

Top Finance Schools: Wharton, NYU Stern, Harvard

The right MBA can be a perfect grounding in creating financial strategy, analysing complex data and understanding the wide-ranging needs of investors. Finance remains a popular career destination for many MBAs, with over a third of Wharton’s last cohort gaining top MBA jobs in the sector.

Financial Analyst roles focus on investing, but there is room to look at areas such as risk-management and analysing stock ratings. It’s a fast-paced, exciting sector, perfect for an ambitious MBA graduate. Did we mention the generous bonuses?


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3. Chief technology officer

Salary: $120,000 - $180,000

Top Employers: Amazon, Google, Microsoft

Top Tech Schools: MIT Sloan, Stanford, Haas School of Business. 

As technology begins to compete with consulting and...

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