Top MBA Jobs, Salaries & Average GMAT Scores: Our Top 10 Most Popular Stories Of 2020

From the impact of coronavirus to top MBA salaries and jobs, 2020 was a year of challenge and opportunity for business school applicants. We round up your top 10 highlights

Our Top 10 Most Popular Stories Of 2020:


GMAT Test Center Updates | Coronavirus


The Graduate Management Admission Council closed test centres and suspended tests in a number of locations due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Find updates here on the latest GMAT testing suspensions and center closures.  


The 6 Easiest Countries To Get A Work Visa


After Donald Trump suspended the issuing of H-1B work visas the United States became a harder place to get an international business degree. Here are six countries with flexible rules which make them easier options to get your a work visa.  


9 Coursera Courses To Boost Your MBA Application


Massive Open Online Courses, or MOOCs, can be a great way for MBA applicants to boost their applications while getting some experience from leading business schools. The popularity of these courses has dramatically increased during the pandemic, here are nine of the most popular courses.  

15 Top STEM MBA Programs In The United States—And How Much They Cost


Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) MBAs have become more popular in recent years. Declining international applications and a STEM job shortage in the US mean STEM MBA programs are growing, here are 15 of the top programs in the US, and how much they cost.  


BCG, McKinsey & 25 Top Consulting Firms With The Highest Salaries


Management consultancy has always been a lucrative option for MBA graduates considering their next move.  The Vault list of top consulting firms ranks companies on factors like prestige, satisfaction, firm culture and more.  Using the Vault list BusinessBecause ranks the highest paying consultancy firms.  


Coronavirus: Is An MBA Still Worth It In 2020?


Chris Healy, head of MBA marketing and recruitment at Alliance Manchester Business School looks at online course engagement, funding considerations, and how students can engage with their school virtually, to answer the question is an MBA worth it in 2020?  


Average GMAT Scores For The World’s Top MBA Programs


The three hour GMAT exam, testing candidate's quantitative and verbal skills, is the standard admissions test for the top MBA programs around the world.  Candidates should aim for scores around the average of the MBA class they want to enter. Here are the average scores for the top 20 MBAs.  

Are Coursera Courses Worth The Effort?


Students can study Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) at a low cost or even for free in some cases. Coursera and other MOOC providers have seen millions of people sign up this year, and there are now 110 million MOOC students worldwide. But are they worth it?  


Which Companies Hire The Most MBAs?


MBA degrees are still a key requirement of many top companies when looking for new recruits. Companies like Microsoft and Amazon take on hundreds of MBA graduates every year, and this hasn't stopped during the Coronavirus pandemic.  Here is a list of the top 10 companies who hire the most MBAs.  


Indian Engineer Becomes US Pharma CEO After MBA Degree


Alok Sonig was an engineer in India before enrolling in an MBA program at American University's Kogod School of Business in Washington DC. Now he is the CEO of Indian multinational firm Lupin, where he is helping to shape healthcare policy during the Coronavirus pandemic.  

2020 posed immense challenges to business schools globally. But, as our most popular stories show, companies are still hiring MBAs. Even with the move to online learning, a business school degree is certain to further your career.  



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