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Our 10 Most Read Stories Of 2021 | Finance Careers, Visas, MBA Salaries & More!

Visa bans, rankings revolution, and a dean convicted for fraud—it’s been quite the year for business school candidates. Find out your top 10 most popular stories of 2021

By  Marco De Novellis

Tue Dec 21 2021

Careers in finance, rankings, salaries, STEM MBAs, and an outgoing president’s visa ban were among your most popular stories of 2021!

In a year when demand for business education remained high amid the ongoing covid pandemic, we saw McKinsey set out to hire record numbers of MBAs, applicants in India hit by surging Covid cases, and the former dean of Fox School of Business convicted for fraud.

INSEAD topped the Financial Times MBA ranking and HEC Paris was named the best European business school. Stanford topped rankings by US News and Bloomberg, while some business schools snubbed MBA rankings altogether.

The cost of an MBA increased in 2021 despite covid and MIT Sloan was again named the world’s most expensive MBA program, as we released our flagship BusinessBecause Cost of MBA Report.

In 2021, we also published our exclusive application guides for Full-Time MBA, Online MBA, and Master in Management candidates, free to download via our resources page.

We revealed your post-MBA career opportunities in our MBA Jobs & Salary Reviews and went behind the scenes at top business schools in our MBA Application Insider series.

We launched our video application guides and successful alumni stories on our BusinessBecause YouTube channel, alongside our live events and BusinessBecause Presents webinars.

And, in our popular BB Insights series, we drew on the expertise of top professors to investigate trending topics, including beauty bias in the workplace, the future of cinema, and the rise of TikTok entrepreneurs.

Here’s your most read stories of 2021:


Will Biden Lift The H1B Visa Ban?


©Gage Skidmore

Trump’s H-1B visa suspension prevented international business school students from finding jobs in the United States. With Biden as President, we asked: Will the visa ban be lifted? Answer: Yes, it was!


Best Business Schools In The World | Financial Times MBA Ranking



Find out which business schools topped the Financial Times MBA Ranking 2021, as Harvard, Wharton, and Stanford declined to participate


Top STEM MBA Programs In The United States—And How Much They Cost


©Tepper FB

STEM MBA programs are increasingly popular, offering benefits to both domestic and international students. Here are the top US MBA programs with STEM designations


Indian School Of Business MBA Jobs & Salary Review


© ISB Facebook

Which companies hire MBAs from the Indian School of Business? What do ISB MBAs earn? Find out in our ISB MBA Jobs & Salary Review


The Top 15 Companies That Sponsor H1B Visas



It's the visa that allows international MBA talent to stay and work in the US after graduation. Find out the top companies that sponsor H-1B visas


What Is The Average MBA Salary In The USA?


©HBS Facebook

What is the average salary of an MBA graduate in the USA? Explore average MBA salary by industry and MBA salaries at Harvard, Stanford, and more


Are Google Career Certificates Worth It?



Google launched three new certificate courses on Coursera in data analytics, project management, and UX design in 2021. But is studying for Google Career Certificates worth the effort?


Quantic MBA Review: Curriculum, Admissions, Pros & Cons



The Quantic MBA is a low cost, entirely online, accredited MBA. So how does it compare to a traditional MBA?


The 6 Easiest Countries To Get A Work Visa



Want to start an international career? We list six of the easiest countries to get a work visa after business school


Is Finance A Good Career Path?



It’s one of the most popular industries for graduating MBAs—but is finance a good career path? Find out how much you could earn and how to land the best jobs in finance in our most popular story of 2021.

With 2021 coming to a close, we’re already looking ahead to the year ahead. Check out our MBA professors and MBA entrepreneurs to watch in 2022!