When I Retire - Communication Enabled by Bio-IT

Vlerick MBA Vlad Damian points out that we won't use credit cards in 2060, but rather checks with DNA authentication.

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When I Retire Competition Finalist Vlad Damian is a Romanian national and a Vlerick MBA.


By 2060 my grandchildren will ask me to explain what an email is and how it was used. By that time the “co-revolution”  phenomena will have taken full effect and advanced forms of co-development of knowledge, co- utilization and co-ownership of physical assets (such as cars, houses) and intangible assets (such as brands, patents, etc.) will be the norm. Interconnected bio-computers will be as widespread as the iPhone is today. These are intelligent devices built on organic chips and modified DNA and are custom built for each individual as a personal extension and enhancer. The new chip generation will be capable to learn and adapt by drawing on the intelligence of the network they are part of.  Subsequently, the chips can capture part of the network knowledge for the owner and transmit it to him.

This technology will enable enhanced communication at long distance through replication of emotions and of all sensorial information such as smell and touch. E-hugging, e-kissing, peer-to-peer emotion transfer and emotion co-creation will be as normal as sending an emoticon via the Facebook chat today. For instance, a grandfather in Brussels will not only see and hear his grandchild in Kampala, but he will be able to sense his smell, and touch him as in real life. Additionally, he could activate the option of sensing the emotions his grandchild feels.

Another consequence of the adoption of this technology will be the disappearance of the paper money and credit cards. Regardless if long distance or in person, payments will be enabled by a simple DNA check authentication.  However, the main challenge of the 2060 society will be wide-scale prevention of privacy breaches and impersonation. Bio-computer viruses can be transmitted from human to devices and will be sophisticated enough to impersonate fully an individual.

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